February 4, 2011

Disney World for Adults

Recently the hubbs and I went on our huge grocery shopping trip. We make this "trip" at least once every two months and stock up on meats, whole wheat pasta, cheeses, olive oil, baking supplies, and snacks. We look forward to this "trip" and make a big day out of it.

Where does this "trip" take place?


We LOVE Costco. It's like spending a day at Disney World.

There is a lot of cheese.

And a lot of chocolate.

What more could you possibly need?

Oh yes. Baking supplies.

This time around we went with a couple of friends who wanted to share in the glory of Costco land. Our cart was packed. I could barely move the thing by the end of the day.

The husband loves Costco for their free samples.

You could have a full lunch, with dessert, on a good day.

Doesn't take much to make him happy!

I love their muffins and breads. When those are out for sampling, that's where I'm at.

As much as I love Costco, we can't get everything from there. It is just the two of us. I still have to go to Meijer/Kroger and get milk, eggs, yogurt...all the things that would spoil before we have a chance to eat it. So now our fridge is stocked. As well as our freezer.

No, I didn't even bother to try. That's not my handiwork.

Mr. Freezer stared me down and gave me the cold shoulder. He wasn't about to let me mess with him. That's what the husband is for.

Sigh. Isn't it lovely?

I wish it could always look this way.

Don't look at the door though. That's as good as it's ever going to get!

Anyone else love grocery shopping as much as I do...  :)


  1. Coooooooooooooostcooooooooooooo.

  2. I love Costco. I love it for all the reasons you listed. :)

  3. Oh, it is like Disney. I spend about just as much as I would if I went to Disneyland. :)

  4. I love shopping with my husband too! We have such a good time (especially when free samples are involved!) Thank you for sharing with me. I hope you have a great weekend. I'm ready for some warmth!

  5. I have a BJ's and Sams Club-no costco-I really feel like i'm missing out when I see this type of post! haha.

  6. Costco is one of my favorite places. I go there weekly, sometimes even twice a week. Sorry you don't make it that often.

  7. I totally feel you on the Costco trips- it is so much fun shopping there! :)


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