February 27, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

Schools were closed for Mid-Winter break in my area last week. I planned for many endeavors in the kitchen and tried out some new recipes. That is, until Wednesday. On Wednesday a lovely sick bug decided to wiggle it's way into my body. Doesn't that always seem to happen when you're off from work? Wonderful. So I was not able to cook/bake as much as I wanted to.

I am feeling slightly better today and was able to crank out the menu plan from bed. Tonight we're definitely having chicken soup, because now the hubby is sick. :( It's never good when the both of us are out of commission.

Chicken Noddle Soup
Chicken with Cacciatore Sauce
Chicken Milanese
Pork Marsala with Spinach
Sage-Walnut Butter Tortellini
Hawaiian Pizza

Who else got more snow this weekend? Winter can't end soon enough! 

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  1. In terms of snow, this weekend came across as being extremely tame. But apparently we're meant to be getting more this week? It really needs to stop.


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