My name is Christina and I'm a 20something SAHM mom. Before I became a mom, I was a 5th grade teacher. I loved my job, but I love being home with my daughter even more. I'm happily married to an Emergency Medicine doctor. We are high school sweethearts and have been together for fourteen years. He is currently beginning his third year of residency. You'll hear all about how tough it is to be the wife of a resident- he works long, hard hours, and we miss him so much! We've survived college, studying for the MCAT, and medical school together. This is our last hurdle until we can live out the rest of our lives!

I'm a Mom to two beautiful, happy, loving children. Miss A is almost three years old, with a birthday in July. We welcome our newest addition, J, this past March. I'm still adjusting and learning how to manage life with two, but I'm honestly loving every minute of it. 

I started this blog five years ago when we moved from our hometown of Miami, Florida to Ann Arbor, Michigan for medical school. I didn't have a job, didn't have any friends, and was pretty down in the dumps. I started reading blogs- food blogs, in particular. I decided to start my own because I love to cook and bake. I shared recipes, which is why you'll find plenty here, but after I had Miss A, my blog slowly became more of a mommy/family blog. I decided to change my name from "This Woman Cooks!" to "Still Lucky" as I felt it was a reflection of where this blog was going. From food to family to toddlerhood to even more babies, I feel incredibly lucky and blessed with all we have in our life.

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