February 19, 2011

Ever Have One of Those Days...

...Where things just aren't going right? This morning, I decided to make my infamous banana bread. The one I've made 15+ times, for the hubbs, for family staying overnight, for my co-workers. When I tilted the loaf pan over to slide the banana bread out, the entire top half crumbled into a gooey mess. I was left with a gaping hole in the middle of the bread. I.was.not.happy. Does this kind of stuff ever happen to you...

It still tasted good, and that's what matters, right?

According to the hubbs, yes, that's all the matters. He could care less about presentation.

Then I went out to buy this week's groceries. I was busy searching for coupons and looking for the perfect homemade pizza dough that I left all in a hurry. At the store, I realized I didn't finish planning out this week's menu.

Gripe. Sigh. Refrain from impulse buys. I stared down the crescent roll aisle and shook my head at the amount of sodium and trans fat listed on each.and.every.label. I decided to buy fresh ones from the bakery instead and ran home because I was starving!

And then my day got better (sorry for the complaints, I figured you guys would understand!). I made these cute little sandwiches when I got home and assembled the pizza dough.

After lunch I went to Target and I bought this lovely guy.

Our old toaster oven went kaput a week ago and we've been surviving off of cereal in the morning. Never knew how much I loved having a toaster oven until it was dead!

Then I went for my second round of grocery shopping to buy fruit, milk, pasta, and ranch dressing. Headed back home and checked on the dough.

Hmmm... is it supposed to look like this? I have no idea- this is my first time making pizza dough and I'm trying not to panic! Hopefully I will be able to share this experience with you in a positive light and not have some sort of freak attack episode like my banana bread this morning. Wish me luck!

What kitchen disasters have you experienced lately?


  1. I make pizza at least once a week from scratch. I would have thought your dough would have risen more, but I am sure it will be fine! And I have made muffins several times forgetting to add sugar! Its a running joke in my family. :D

  2. Every time my husband and I try to make bread it fails...we love good, soft bread but we simply can't seem to get the water temp correct for the yeast.Ahhhhh

  3. Sorry about your bread catastrophe...it happens to all of us! Good luck with your dough!


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