January 19, 2011

The Evil in My Kitchen

My kitchen is small. I live in an apartment and have an apartment kitchen. Mind you, this kitchen is so much bigger than our first apartment kitchen, not because we have more cabinets or counter space, but room to breathe. Four to five people can fit in my kitchen comfortably, like this past Thanksgiving.

Any more than that and we'd be bumping heads, dropping spoons, knives, cake batter...

While I loved the kitchen in our first apartment, it could only accommodate the two of us comfortably.

Sigh. I miss you.

I picked out everything in this kitchen. The cabinets, granite, and back-splash. I loooved the granite, loooved the cabinets, loooved the fridge. The fridge. Seeing it again makes me so sad.

I ADORED that fridge. We had a lovely relationship. I loved his shelves, his capability to hold so much stuff. Especially the freezer.

Which brings me to the evil in my current kitchen....

The Freezer!!!!

I despise it.

Mr. Freezer and I fight on a daily basis. We battle over trying to take out a piece of chicken. We argue over where to put the vegetables. We yell at each other every time something crashes to the floor.

We just don't get along.

I took these pictures after coming home from grocery shopping on Saturday. I had to put the two cartons of ice cream away and Mr. Freezer just wasn't having it. He did not want one more thing stuffed into him. So we fought, he won, and I drowned my sorrows in a spoonful of Mint Chip ice cream.

The only person Mr. Freezer relinquishes control to is the husband. That's the only reason I keep him around.

Husband will take everything out of it, rearrange it, organize it, and walk away. It will look nice for two days.

Then Mr. Freezer and I squabble again.


  1. I hear ya on the apartment kitchen problem! We are moving next week to a new apartment and the kitchen is bigger...but still is an apartment kitchen! LOL

  2. Ehehehehe....that is one tiny freezer.

  3. Do you have some place to put a small chest freezer? They are soooo handy. And...it would free up Mr. F to hold just the more essential things..like, you know... bags of peas and ice cream?....

  4. BumbleVee, I wish we had space to put a chest freezer! I have thought about it but our apartment is just too small. :(


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