February 14, 2011

Menu Plan Monday- Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day! It's our tenth Valentine's together- isn't that crazy? We're celebrating by going out for some sushi at our favorite place.

This week I'll be bringing back a few old favorites and trying out some new things, as always. The weather is starting to look up (it's above freezing, yay!) but I can't let my hopes get up too soon, we're only half way through February (but you know I've already thought about breaking out those flip flops. I'm officially crazy).

I was unimpressed with about half of last week's menu plan. By Wednesday I was ready to forgo the rest of the menu and make some meals that I knew would not disappoint, the Mushroom, Bacon Herb Mac and Cheese I shared with you earlier. Nothing dampers my spirits more than trying out something new and being let down. For instance, the Lemon Garlic Sirloin Tips. I should have done some research before hand as I read reviews after making it and nodded along with the complaints. Oh well. This is the purpose of the blog after all- trying out and finding recipes to share that I enjoyed and I know you will too.

I did like the Italian Beef Stew. It was good and served it's purpose for warming us up on a cold day.

We aren't big stew people, but if you are, I'm sure this will do the job. 

Now on to this week!

If you're celebrating V-Day, are you going out or staying in? Have a fabulous week!

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  1. I love to see your menu plan and have a peek into what others are making for dinner for the week. Good for you for being so organized!


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