February 21, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

The menu plan this week is a bit scarce. I am home this week (mid-winter break, yay!) so I'm pretty sure writing out a full menu plan is not going to happen. There's no chance of me sticking to it! I'd like to try out lots of new things, including baking, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Dinner will most likely be spur of the moment choices. But what you see below is what I do know I will be making, in some form...

Lemon Alfredo
Salmon with White Wine and Lemon Sauce
Creamy Taco Mac
Something with Skirt Steak
Something with Chicken
Lots of baking and breakfast experimenting

Guess there will be lots of surprises! I spent of all Sunday surrounded by all things food-literally. I had out all my food magazines, visited food blog after food blog, and flip flopped between the Food Network and the Cooking Channel. I've got lots of things bookmarked and DVR'd. There will be chaos in my kitchen this week!

What's on your menu plan this week?


  1. i love the part with the "lots of baking and breakfast experimenting". I cant wait to see your posts on this list!

  2. Salmon with white wine and lemon sauce sounds delicious. I'll check it out. Skirt steak? Maybe make carne asada. Just a thought. :)


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