October 17, 2013

The Toughest Job

There are some days you want to rip your hair out. The screaming doesn't stop. The tantrums continue for longer than they should. A nap doesn't happen.

Then are there days filled with laughter and sunshine. You play, run, explore the backyard, watch the leaves fall off the trees. These are the days you'll remember.

Yesterday was not one of those days. It was a hard day. I'm going to blame it on teething because I have nothing else to blame. I swear her teeth take FOREVER to come in. Her top right tooth is almost all the way out (am I the only one with a fifteen month old with three teeth!?) but her left one is taking it's sweet ol' time. I know she's in pain.

Distraction is really the only way to get her through it. At night, Tyenol lends a hand. We went to story time, out for a walk, and to run errands. You might think I'm crazy to take a screaming teething child out in public but it actually seems to help. She likes to people watch and "help" me shop. She also likes being in the car (thankfully) and since she was refusing to take a nap I knew she'd eventually fall asleep in the car. I grab a book to take with me so I have something to do in the car because I can't take her out of her car seat once she falls asleep. She's not one of those babies who will go back to sleep if you wake her. So in the car I wait and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Yep, sometimes being a Mom is hard. You have to take a breath and count to ten. You have to drink lots of coffee. But then you have to think of all the wonderful things that happen every day. Her face lighting up every morning when I come to take her out of her crib. Hearing her say a new word. Watching her learn imaginative play. Following close behind as she learned how to walk. These moments I take in and breathe in deeply, because I never want to forget.

Baby, you are a handful sometimes. But you are so worth it.


  1. LOVE IT! Found you through I Heart Organizing's latest post {in the comment section}. :-)

  2. It's hard, especially being SAHM as we are... but it is worth it. We just need to keep reminding ourselves of this during the hard times. I hope your baby girl feels better soon, teething is no fun!

  3. My daughter took forever to teeth too! I was begining to think there was a problem (but my pediatrician soothed my worry) but they are all in now and somehow she even cut an extra one, go figure. I was told by a friend that late teethers just loose their teeth later- which makes sense. Good luck! Here's hoping you guys get a reprieve soon.

  4. Your girl is adorable! I remember before having a kid thinking moms always used teething as an excuse for everything, but it really is the reason!!


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