October 24, 2013

The Sleep Chronicles

Today I'm guest posting over at Being Mrs. Beer. Jess is having a baby sleep series on her blog and I jumped at the chance to share my story. If you or someone you know is in the midst of sleep deprivation, with a baby who isn't sleeping through the night (obviously, I'm not talking about newborns), then this series is for you! I hope you'll take a minute and visit Jess' blog.

"Adeline let us know right away that she was NOT a good sleeper. The first night in the hospital gave us a glimpse into what the next seven months were going to be like. Granted she was only a few hours old and I didn't expect her to sleep through the night (obviously), but I never thought it was going to continue like that for so many months. She was up the whole night, crying, wanting to be fed, and held.
In the beginning, Adeline slept ALL day, during the day. There was nothing you could do to wake her up. She slept through the vacuum, the TV, phone calls, and our dog barking. One thing I could count on was her getting enough to eat because she would wake up when she was hungry. She did exactly what all newborns do- she ate, pooped, and slept. Except at night.

She ate every two hours around the clock, which meant she was up every two hours, and sometimes more often than that, for about four months..." 

You can find the rest of our sleep story here.

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