August 24, 2013

Life as a SAHM

I can't believe another week has gone by. Summer is coming to an end and I'm trying to enjoy every last minute of it. I guess after living in Michigan for the last four years, it feels like summer is never long enough. I swear I blinked I was wearing sweaters again. Ugh. This week we spent time on the deck, went on walks and lots of errands, and even took a trip to the museum of science, which has a great outdoor area. Don't leave me yet summer!


Miss A and I went on lots of errands this week. I never know what to expect from her. In one place she'll be great, taking it all in. In another she'll be screaming and reaching for something or want me to hold her. Here we are at Old Navy, waiting in line to return something. She was SO into her surroundings, wanting to grab, touch, and hold everything. Makes it kind of hard when you only have two hands! Why do I get the feeling I'm going to have that kid screaming for a toy on the way out of a store?


Ahhh I'm so not used to this!! Every time I turn around now she's pulled up onto something and standing! It's amazing, but a little scary! Guess who figured out how to take the locks off the kitchen cabinets!

Here's a look into real life as a SAHM! This is what my sink has looked like every day this week. Ain't nobody got time to wash when a baby wants to walk. If I didn't have a dishwasher, I'd be crying every night!

We went to the museum of life and science with another friend and her baby girl. We had so much fun. Miss A loved all the animals. Their outdoor area had donkeys, llamas, goats, even bears and wolves! We didn't get to see everything as it started raining. I can't wait to go back! I know she's going to love it more and more as she gets older. 


Cruising! She's gotten so good at it, she can get from one end of the couch to the other in seconds! More baby proofing has to get done stat. We're looking for covers for furniture corners, any recommendations? I found some at Target, but I'm afraid the sticky adhesive is going to leave behind some residue. 


She's determined to play with all her toys while standing up. This is definitely going to cause some back aches! Which reminds me, earlier in the week Miss A had a TERRIBLE night. She was awake from 11:00-3:00, crying on and off. I checked on her several times, didn't have a fever, she's not teething, didn't have a dirty diaper...I have NO idea what it was. :( Now I'm starting to think she could be sore, right? With all this exercise she's been getting lately, it's possible! She was fine the next night, thankfully. Breaks my heart when I can't figure out what's wrong, especially in the middle of the night.

See you next week! Happy weekend!


  1. She is so cute!

    I hear you on all the dishes! I feel like all I am ever doing is filling up and unloading the dishwasher. In an attempt to make myself hate doing the dishes less, I remind myself, at least I have a dishwasher lol

  2. Connor was the same way a few weeks ago.. couldn't be soothed no matter what I did. I think from what I've read online that it was because he had just started standing. Someone mentioned that when physical changes occur, internally babies are really excited and want to do that fun new activity all the time. Now that he is a pro at standing, he sleeps all night with no issues. So strange.

    If I didn't have a dishwasher, I would die. Makes cleaning so much easier!

  3. My daughger did the same thing last night! She kkept waking up fussing for no reason! She is fine today thought, weird!

  4. Oh my gosh- what a sweet little baby!!!

  5. I'm stopping by from the 5 for Friday link up- love your blog and your little girl is adorable! I'm a SAHM to 20 month old twin girls and also love to cook!! I post recipes as well and am always looking for new ones! Following along now- can't wait to check out some of your favorites!


  6. Your daughter is SO cute!! It's horrible when we can't figure out what's wrong with them, breaks my heart when it happens to me and my kids.

    Hope you two enjoy what's left of summer :)

  7. It seems like my sink looks like this 3x a day!


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