August 2, 2013

Friday Finds & Faves

Who's going with me to Bath and Body Works this week? I'm a sucker for pumpkin scented anything and how cute is this ceramic pumpkin!?

Peanut butter pie sheet cake. Someone needs to have a birthday so I have an excuse to make this.

This is seriously one of the best looking pies I've seen in a while. Don't you just want to reach into your computer screen and have a bite?

GroopDealz. Have you heard about this site? I've started my Christmas shopping because I've seen so many cute things, for great prices!

Finally, I got my hands on this book. I've heard lots of good things. Have you read it?

Having nursed my little girl for a year, I look forward to reading the breastfeeding diaries every week. If you're a new nursing mom or know someone who is, I highly recommend reading!

Have have great weekend!

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  1. Oh how cool! I'm checking out the breastfeeding diaries now. And I'm so excited for fall...largely because of all the pumpkin goodness. Thank you for sharing!


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