August 9, 2013

Friday Finds & Faves

I have lots of non-food items to share with you so today we're starting with that first!

These shoes! Since becoming a mom, my days of wearing high heels have been limited. I think I've forgotten how to wear them, maybe it's time to try again? :)

My new TV guilty pleasure, Mistresses. If you haven't seen this show, you're missing out. I'm completely and totally obsessed and I apologize to all my IRL friends who are sick of me talking about it. I can't take it! I hate that it's a summer show because then it will be off for the rest of the year. :(

I love everything in our new house. The deck, all the natural light we have, our front porch, the list goes on and on. I finally finished organizing our pantry and I'm in love. Now I need a cookie and candy jar!

Every time she's in her stroller, a leg goes up in the air. Chillin. 

Sweet potatoes are suddenly all the rage. Where have I been? This one has black beans, greek yogurt, guacamole, cheese, and chives. Total yum.

Brookies. I mean, what? A brownie with a cookie. Or a cookie within a brownie? I don't know how to describe it but it blew my mind and I wish I had thought of it!

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