August 17, 2013

Life as SAHM

This has been a very exciting and busy week for us. Miss A had two play dates, turned thirteen months old, had lots of time at home with Daddy, and, wait for it, she started walking!! Cheers, clap, clap, yayyy!!

She has been walking around the house while holding our hands for over a month now. Lately she has only been holding only one of our hands and her balance has greatly improved. She's a cruising expert, can walk holding on to walls, and is pulling up more than ever. But last night, after we went through her nightly ritual of emptying out alllll her books from her toy bins, she started to walk! What an amazing feeling. I'm one proud mama!

Here are some photos from this week.

Hubby was home during daylight hours this week. Here they are sharing a laugh early in the morning.

Miss A turning thirteen months old and eating a WHOLE pancake on her own.

Having a snack at the mall play area. She scooted all around holding onto her snack cup and refused to let it go until she had finished all her cheerios.

This was her first time visiting the play area. I was a little worried about all the bigger kids running around and not to mention all the germs (how often do they clean these places?) but she had so much fun.

As I mentioned, her nightly book ritual. She LOVES books right now, which makes me SO happy as I love books too. This is her favorite, a counting Pride and Prejudice book. She pulls it out for me to read every night!

I can't wait to see what next week brings.


  1. She's too cute! Love seeing her picture on Instagram :) Whoohoo for walking, HUGE milestone!


  2. That is so exciting about her walking but also scary!

  3. Aww. She's at such a cute age and so beautiful too. I agree germs freak me out too, but they love exploring so much, it's worth it.

  4. Love, love, love! It is so cute that she ate that whole pancake. I adore pancakes so I hope that Lucy makes her mama proud when she gets to be one year + one month. And yay for walking! How exciting! She is just precious, my friend.


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