January 23, 2011

Week in Review

This was a short week for me, worked three days, off two! Gotta love the public school calendar. :) The husband and I finally got to spend an entire weekend together, sans studying (for him, he's in medical school)! We took advantage of his free time and went out for a romantic dinner date Friday night. It was a COLD night and we came home afterwards to snuggle up on the couch and watch a movie. Saturday morning we slept in, ate waffles for breakfast (frozen, I wish I had a waffle iron!) and headed out to lunch at our favorite place, Panera!

I just can not get enough of their soup. So good on a cold winter day.

As for our menu plan, I stuck to it pretty well, making 3 out of the 5. The Shrimp, Feta Mac and Cheese will be on the menu again this week, seeing as I swapped it out and made breakfast for dinner, discovering the greatest pancakes ever.

We are down to the wire with our grocery budget and sticking to what we have on hand for dinner this week. I'll have my menu posted tomorrow!

Enjoy your Sunday. :)


  1. Thanks for the pancake recipe, we love having breakfast dinner. Kids are always guaranteed to gobble up.

  2. I love Panera too! Your photo makes me want to go right now, haha.

  3. Panera is the greatest creation, ever!


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