January 3, 2011

For the Love of Christmas

This year I got lots of cooking/kitchen related gifts for Christmas.

Did you notice the pink tabs popping out of Rachael's Look and Cook book? I've gone through it everyday since Christmas and I'm still sticking them on the pages.

 A can opener! We had one that you have to manually turn around the can- this will be a huge time saver!

A handy tool to measure pasta.

My hubby got me this adorable apron. I can't wait to use it next year and every year after that to bake Christmas cookies. 
We also got a chocolate fountain, but it's not set up yet. I'll take photos of that when we have some friends over to use it. :)

What new kitchen gadgets or tools did you get from Santa? :)

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  1. Kitchen gifts are the best....rain the cookbooks down upon me! ;)


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