March 28, 2014

Five on Friday

One. Easter Egg Hunt

Easter may still be weeks away but I'm already thinking about what we're going to do to celebrate. An egg hunt is definitely in store and I picked up a bag of plastic eggs at Target this week, along with these cute paper plates and napkins from the Dollar Spot. I'm also searching for an Easter basket, since last year she was nine months old and I didn't do a basket for her. I saw a really simple, beautiful white wicker basket at HomeGoods recently and haven't seen anything I like as much as that one, so I think that'll be the one! What are your Easter plans?

Two. This Picture

Wednesday night Miss A wanted to take a few of her baby dolls with her to bed. She tucked them in around her blanket and said "night night." The next morning she woke up and insisted on holding them both for her diaper change and carried them downstairs with her for breakfast. Sometimes I just can't take it! She is too cute for life.

Three. Mirror

Whenever my dad comes to visit, he likes to find little projects around the house to do. Sometimes I'll ask him to do something and other times he'll find jobs on his own. This time around I asked if he could help me spray paint an old mirror we had from our apartment. Instead of selling it or giving it away, I figured a new coat of paint would work to help it match our new furniture. He went ahead and did the whole job; he sanded it, painted it, and hung it up above our mantle.



I'd like to get wall scones and change out the candles next. I'm not sure what should go on the far left, another picture frame? Tall candlesticks?

Four. Spring Shopping

I'm so ready for Spring, as we all are. I picked up a few new tops at The Limited this week, purposely buying tops in bright colors like mint, peach, and blue. I looked through my closet the other day and realized I wear SO much black and grey. It's time for me to branch out and buy COLOR! These shoes from Target may be my next purchase!

Five. Peanut Butter Cookies

We have more visitors arriving today, my in-laws! I'm so happy our parents have been able to visit us, with my husband on his ICU rotation, he has been gone ALL the time. Having company is so wonderful! I made them these peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, which I haven't had in a long time. They are SO good! I'll be sharing the recipe soon!

Happy Friday!


  1. That picture of A with her dollies? Precious!! Love the mirror :)

  2. The mirror above the fireplace looks great!! Also, about easter baskets they have some nice white ones with pastel liners at Target and JoAnn fabrics. At JoAnn's they had different colors of pastel gingham print as the liners with a white basket. They were cute!

  3. The mirror looks great. My daughter has that same baby, and those cupcake pjs.

  4. Love the mirror and that wall color! Isn't it amazing how one piece can make such a difference?

  5. Beautiful I can't wait to go egg hunting with my little Sofia :)

    Cathy Vargas
    Vintage Girls

  6. I loved reading this! You're right, your daughter is too cute and getting big! Enjoy your family visit and those really tasty looking cookies!!

  7. Yep, too cute for life!! Xo

  8. I love your wall color in the living room and that was so nice of your dad to do that mirror project. The chevron paper plates are my fav too, I keep eyeing them too ;)


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