March 26, 2014

Grandpa & Grandma Visit!

There is something so sweet about a man and a baby  toddler. Am I right? Something about seeing a big, tall man sitting down to play, color, read, hold her hand, and feeding her bites of chocolate coconut cake.

My parents visited for the last five days and Miss A was one happy girl. Every morning she ran to her grandparents to say hello with a big, warm hug. She played "Cookie Monster" with her grandma (not sure what this means, a game they made up together that she LOVED) and traced her hands over and over again with her grandpa. Lots of songs were sung, especially "Row Row Your Boat" and "The Wheels On the Bus".

We went to the park, on the only warm day they were lucky to receive (seriously Spring, what's happening), to the mall, out to eat, and to a children's museum. She had a blast, but I think her favorite thing to do was sit with the two of them, coloring and reading books. 

It's really interesting watching my parents be grandparents. To see how they interact with her, teach her, and play with her. It makes me wish I could remember what my parents were like when I was that little. If only we could keep those memories! Next up, my in laws will be visiting, no doubt ready to spoil her too. She's one lucky little girl. 


  1. What a great visit, I love grandma and grandpa photos! So important to capture those sweet moments!

  2. I love the photos. Grandparent's are so precious.

  3. Such great pics, I'm glad you all has a chance to enjoy their visit!! :)


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