March 21, 2014

Five on Friday

Three cheers for Friday! My parents arrive tonight, we've got a weekend full of fun activities planned, and the weather is supposed to be gorgeous. I'm really looking forward to lots of family time! Hopefully the weather cooperates the entire time they're here and it doesn't turn ugly as is predicted by the beginning of next week. Spring needs to stay! Without further ado, here is my Five on Friday.

One. Wishlist 

I LOVE making wishlists. I constantly see things that I want, not really for me, but for Miss A (although my wishlist can be found on Target). My longest wishlist is on Amazon. My husband and I love toys...almost as much as she does! We get so excited whenever we see something we think she will like. Every time I'm out somewhere, Target, a random toy store, or even browsing other blogs, I always find something I'd like to get her. Keeping a wishlist is a great way for me to remember what I like and allows me to give family members ideas whenever they want to get her something new. Here are a few things on my wishlist right now.

Two. West Elm 

West Elm is one of my favorite stores, I love browsing there and oooing and ahhhing over their housewares. I bought our duvet set their last summer. I'm still decorating our home and trying to find the right accessories for our family and living room. Currently, West Elm is having a 70% clearance sale and I'm dying to pick up a few things. We could use an updated throw to match our new decor and other accents, like these mercury votives and vases.

Three. Let's Go Outside!

Yesterday was a beautiful day here in North Carolina. We've had rain for so long that it was wonderful to see the sun and feel its warmth. We went out for an early morning walk, colored on the sidewalk, and cleaned out my car. Later we were able to go to the park and kick a ball around, a new skill Miss A is getting very good at. The next two days are supposed to be just as nice and then we dip down to the 50s again. Ugh! Stay Spring, stay.

Four. Cuban Treats

My parents arrive today from Florida and they're coming armed with not only gifts for Miss A, but treats for me! One of the things I miss most about Miami (besides my family and the shopping) is the FOOD. You can't get Cuban bread or pastelitos up here. I've been craving Cuban food bad and can't wait to get my hands on a Cuban sandwich next time we visit!

Five. Oreo Cheesecake Bars

With that said, their generosity in indulging my cravings will not be unrewarded. I love having family staying in our home and baking them sweet treats to sink their teeth into. I'm pretty sure I'll be wiping up a batch of these bars, some cookies, and many other goodies!


  1. Those oreo cheesecake bars sound awesome! I also love that counting cookie jar toy! So fun!

  2. I just ordered those color tabs!! We had a small pack from a friend and my daughter loved them! Thanks for the source. Enjoy your visit with the family! Those cheesecake bars look amazing!

  3. I am drooling over those oreo cheesecake bars -- YUM!! Glad you enjoyed a lovely first day of Spring yesterday! I'm so with you on pleading for the Spring weather to STAY! It's been nice here the past few days but my weather channel app is showing snowflakes on Monday :( It will have to get and stay nice soon though, right?! ;) Thanks for sharing about the West Elm clearance! I can't wait to do some browsing of their lovely goodies now!! Have a fabulous upcoming weekend! xo

  4. I had to laugh reading that your temps will be dipping back in to the 50s - I am in Upstate NY and PRAYING for 50 degree weather :) Have a great weekend!

  5. Yay for pastelitos!!! Enjoy them :) West Elm is also my favorite... Ahh, if only I had all the money in the world! Enjoy time with your fam xo

  6. I love wishlists too! I'll have to check out those color drops for the bathtub. I found these weird soap eggs that fizz and disappear at our local grocery store that Mac is obsessed with. They have a duck or some little animal sticker in the middle and he now insists on doing an egg every night. I need something else in the bathtub to keep him busy!


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