March 11, 2014

Currently Loving

1. This TV show, Reign. Have you heard of it? It's on the CW, Thursday nights, at 9:00pm. It's SO good. Seriously, I'm obsessed. I feel like I'm sixteen again, stuck in a love triangle. I can't get enough! I love the time period, it's done so well with the costumes and the setting (not historically accurate, but whatever) and the actors. I like to let the episodes build up on my DVR so I can binge watch them on a night the hubby is working, while eating squares of dark chocolate. Perfect night!

2. Spring Dresses. It's so easy to get dressed when it's warm out. I'm dying to buy some new dresses and break out some cute sandals and wear lots of bangles. #Summergirl

3. Fresh fruit. I'm eating strawberries and blueberries like they're going out of style and so is my mini me. We bought a carton of both at Costco over the weekend and they're both pretty much empty. Just from the two of us! Yesterday Miss A literally sat on the floor in the kitchen eating blueberries out of the carton, screaming if you tried to get her to eat them in her high chair. So I let her eat them on the floor. It's funny because I craved blueberries pretty much the entire time I was pregnant with her and she's obsessed!

4. Planning family trips. We have lots of family time planned from now until June and I'm so excited. We could definitely use some family time, three months is a long time to go without seeing our parents. I'm making a trip down to Florida myself with Miss A in April and then we're going again in June. I see lots of beach days in my future and I can't WAIT! 

5. Zulily has been killing it lately. Vera Bradley and Jessica Simpson were recently featured and I was this.close to buying all her scarfs and bags. There have also been lots of cute, summery dresses, shoes, and swim suit cover ups. I can't look at what they have for toddlers right now either because I want to buy it ALL, especially the frilly Easter dresses! 

6. Totally guilty of this. ALL of this. 

7. Want to know something I'm NOT loving? Cooking! I'm in a serious rut and lately everything I've made has turned out like crap. I'm starting to think it's the sleep deprivation. I'm burning food, overcooking chicken, pasta, rice...I even tried making pancakes today and had to throw out the entire batter because I measured the ingredients wrong. Ughhh, nothing is tasting good over here and I'm ready to throw in the towel and order take out every night. Can someone else come over and cook me dinner for a change? 

What are you loving? Hating? Please share!


  1. I'm totally with you on summer dresses, especially maxi's!! Yay for coming to FL to see your parents and for beach days, that's totally something to look forward to. And that ECard pretty much sums me up too!

  2. I totally pin stuff that will never come to life lol...

    I also want to check out reign!

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  4. Zulily has been killing me too. And I am also totally guilty of pinning things I will never buy/do/make. Lol! :)


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