April 2, 2014

When Warm Temperatures Seize My Brain

-Our families are gone and Miss A and I are getting back into our normal routine. We went to my exercise class this morning and then went scouting for this cute picnic table. No luck with the table but when I'm on the hunt for something I don't stop until I've either found it or exhausted every option.

-I'll do a recap of our visit with my in-laws soon, today I had lots of random thoughts to share!

-I have all these chores to do and GROCERY SHOPPING but all I want to do is sit outside in a hammock and take a nap (we don't have a hammock, someone tie one to a tree for me). My child has become IMPOSSIBLE to take to the story lately if she has to sit still in a cart. The entire time she's asking to get "out" and to "walk." Do you know how long it would take me to grocery shop if I allowed her to do that? Hence why I had chicken nuggets for lunch today..

-I wish we had a pool. It's been two days since the sun came out after days and days of rain and I'm already dreaming of pool days. The 80s weather does something to me, I can't think straight and don't want to do anything but be outside. If we had a pool you bet I'd be out there all day with Miss A splashing in the water and wishing we had a pool boy to serve me drinks with little umbrellas.

-Messes. There are messes everywhere. I didn't know toddlers were actually little tornadoes. How is it possible to create a mess that will take me ten minutes to clean up but only takes 2 minutes to make?

-Food. I'm bored of it. Actually, no, scratch that- what I really want is all things grilled and barbecued. It's the weather, I tell ya. Unfortunately I'm a chicken to use the grill by myself (especially with said toddler around) and my husband is working until after 7:45 every night this week. Soon. Soon that grill will be put to good use and we will be having grilled chicken, veggies, ice cream, popsicles...Summer I love you! (I immediately skip over Spring with this weather, I'm sorry Spring, but I don't love you as much as I love Summer).

-This weather also makes me miss Miami. Where I had access to beaches 24/7 and didn't go nearly as often as I should have. How dumb of me. I can't wait to go in a few weeks and see the blue water again and feel the sand beneath my toes.

-I LOVE Parenthood. Are you watching that show? I'm having a major meltdown over a couple's relationship and I love the interaction between Sarah and Hank. This show is my life.

-I'm having a mom's night out and have nothing to wear because I never get to do these things anymore. Heels? They hurt my feet so much now, totally out of practice. At least we'll be sitting down the whole time!


  1. Sooo many things to say from this post. First off I love brain dump posts, so fun! I totally agree that warmer weather makes you feel like grilling all. of. the. time :) I'm sure you're so excited to come to the warmth down here!! Parenthood - I love that show!!! Thursdays are my favorite days lol. I so hope Julia and Joel get back together. I feel like he's overreacting so much, it's ridiculous! And for your girl's night out -- a maxi with flats is my go to - comfy and cute!

  2. This post is sooo me ;) I love it! I'm glad to hear you had such nice visits with your familes. I totally feel you on the cart situation, Gia is doing that all the time, she throws fits. So embarrassing! Also I can barely walk in heels anymore, its comical.

  3. I was just thinking how much I need to update my wardrobe. What happened to me looking cute? And yes, the messes are getting bigger and bigger. I can only imagine what it will be like if we have another little one around here! Thank you for sharing :-)

  4. I LOVE parenthood!! I'm so saddened by what's going on with Joel & Julia... and I totally want Hank and Sarah to get back together!

  5. I've been wishing we had a pool lately too. I mentioned it to my Husband but he didn't seem nearly as eager as I was. I'm dreaming of Summer, Sand, Beaches and BBQ's too. This is so my favorite time of the year!

  6. Shopping with a toddler is IMPOSSIBLE. Mac is the same way...wants down NOW! :) If you figure out a way to keep her in the car and entertained you could make a lot of money sharing your advice. I would pay!


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