February 25, 2014

A Week With Daddy

Last week I mentioned, several times I believe (because I was so excited), that my husband was off work for a whole week. It started off great with us getting out of the house and having delicious cake and tasty dinners...until we all got sick. Yep. Every time. Every time my husband has time off he gets sick! No joke. He was sick for Christmas. He was sick when we went to the beach. He never, ever gets sick and he somehow manages to get sick when he's off. The body and mind are a powerful thing. He knows he can't be sick at work and the minute he's able to relax, it hits him.

So from Wednesday-Friday we hung out at home. I started coming down with something and then soon after Miss A had a runny nose. Thankfully she seems to have gotten my sick fighting traits because I never stay sick for long and neither does she. We were fine after two days and were itching to get out of the house. My husband, being the trooper he is, said he felt better on Saturday and wanted to enjoy his last two days with his girls.

It was gorgeous here in NC over the weekend with sunny, blue skies and 70 degree weather. So we decided to go to the park! We needed fuel first to keep up with the toddler and stopped at a coffee shop. Can you guess what I contributed to the chalkboard? ;)

I got a Berry White Mocha and my husband got a Turtle Mocha. They were both SO good. We will definitely have to go to again. Miss A was being an absolute doll that I had to reward her with a chocolate chip cookie. Gathering our drinks and treats, we headed off to the park. 

She went down all five slides and yelled "weeeee" every time. It's a treat for her to be with her Dada at the park and she was so happy to run around with him. After playing for a while we ate our snacks and decided to check out a local toy store, where we spent an hour playing with all the toys out on display and ignoring her to play with things ourselves. We're such kids. 

On Sunday I ran some errands and then we hung out at home putting up our gallery wall in the family room. It still needs work and more odds and ends but I'm liking how it's turning out so far. I'm sad that our week came to an end and I'm already looking forward to his next vacation, which is in June! We'll be taking our first family vacation and I'm SO excited. Let's say so excited that I almost bought this and this swimsuit but held off because I'm not sure what size Miss A will be. I just love summer shopping!  

Have a great week!


  1. Glad everyone is better, come on Spring season! So funny because I broke down and bought the girls swimsuits a few weeks ago, hehe. My guess is the cheesecake for your contribution?!

  2. Yay for extra time together! My husband travels for work (every week M-F) so I totally get how important that extra time with the husband/daddy is!

  3. I'm so happy for you to have had family time with your husband!!! What a treat, I know. The coffee shop sounds yummy, and I am dying to see 70 degrees right now! Your daughter is lovely just like you. I always enjoy your personal post cause I can relate;)

  4. Bummer that your hubby got sick but so glad you guys were able to spend some time together! I am so incredibly jealous of your 70 degree weather! I couldn't even imagine what the would feel like. I just love those pictures of little Miss A in the chair!



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