February 21, 2014

Five on Friday

I'm actually not glad it's Friday because that means there are only two more days left of the hubby's vacation. We are both coming down with colds now so that isn't helping us make the most of our time together. Why does it always seem like you get sick at the worst possible time? As usual, I'm linking up for Five on Friday today!

One. This Dinner

I rarely make macaroni and cheese as a side dish for dinner. Occasionally I will if what we're eating isn't going to go well for Miss A but last night I wanted chicken legs, mac and cheese, and roasted broccoli. Simple, easy, delish!

Two. This Cake

We had company over for dinner earlier this week and any time we are having guests over I immediately scroll through Pinterest looking for something sweet to make. I've had this cake on there for ever and had everything I needed in the house. I didn't make the chocolate ganache or peanut butter frosting as indicated. Instead I melted half a stick of butter, poured in half a cup of milk, and a bag of dark chocolate chips. I poured that over the cake and then melted some white chocolate chips I had to use as a drizzle. Best cake I've had in a LONG time!

Three. The Dentist

I went to the dentist yesterday and was happily entertained by two TV's. One in front of me, one above me. Mind. Blown. Does your dentist have TV's?!

Four. This is How We Watch Cartoons

With our feet in the air and possibly in our mouth.

Five. Spring

This weather is such a tease. Beautiful, sunny skies with temperatures in the 70's. A look a head shows us back to the 40's and 50's. Ugh. Who's ready for March!


  1. We don't usually make mac-n-cheese either, but sometimes I crave it just like you and with chicken legs and broccoli - total comfort food - my favorite!

    I hope you all feel better and enjoy the last couple of days together! :)

  2. Cute photos! My dentist has a TV at the station as well. I like it because otherwise the hygienist feels like she has to talk to you and then I feel like I have to respond which doesn't work well when they are working on your teeth. So awkward!

  3. My dentist has TV's too, which is so great because I hate the dentist with a passion and this definitely keeps my mind off what's going on! Stopping by from the link up!

  4. The cake looks fantastic!! Hope you all feel better soon! XO!

  5. How do you guys have 70's and snow a few weeks ago? Crazy! Lucky though, I'm craving some 60's at least. Sorry you are coming down with colds. Feel like this Flu/cold season is never ending. Hope you make the best of your weekend!

  6. Your dentist has two TVs? That would be a good distraction. Is he even giving anesthesia? Next thing we know, dental clinics all the place have TVs now instead of anesthesia. But then again, he probably gave you anesthesia; TV aren't that good yet. Haha! And yes, your little man has to go to the dentist too someday. Better prep him for the experience!
    Randy Farmer @ HoustonSmileDocs.com


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