February 14, 2014

Five on Friday- Valentine Goodies, Snow, and More

Happy Valentine's Day! How are you celebrating the day of love? I've got a couple of goodies for Miss A and we sent out our Valentines earlier in the week. I just love holidays and every holiday is so much fun now that I have a little girl to share them with.

One. Date Night

Earlier this week my husband had the night off and our friend graciously offered to babysit so that we could have a date night! It has seriously been six months since our last date night and it was looooong overdue. We went out for sushi and ice cream, chatted the night away, and enjoyed each other's company. It was so nice to feel like adults again!

Two. V-day Goodies

For her Valentine goodie bag I didn't want to go crazy. I got her two new books, a Minnie Mouse necklace, and a new shirt (with hearts!) to wear for the day. I loved the "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" books when I was a kid and was so excited to pick this one up for her. The other book is from Target's dollar spot and I found the necklace at Michaels.

Three. Making Valentine Cards

I was inspired by a Valentine craft I saw on Strawberry Swing and Other Things for Miss A's Valentines. We used washable markers (very important for everything to say "washable" when dealing with a toddler), a giant art pad, and vellum paper to make them. Miss A scribbled to her hearts content on the paper, switching to a different color every ten seconds, and then I traced a heart onto the back side of the page using a heart cookie cutter and cut them out. I then traced hearts on the vellum paper, cut that out, and glued it to the marker heart with a glue stick. Later I added a personal message to each Valentine, we decorated the envelopes with stickers, then signed, sealed, and delivered them away! I hope our families enjoy them.

Four. Snow Day #2

We had another snow day here in the North Carolina. This time the meteorologists were right and the storm came right on schedule, dumping 5 inches of snow and freezing rain. Our front yard is a massive block of ice and our deck is covered in icicles. We tried taking Miss A out in it again but this time she wasn't as thrilled about it, probably because it wasn't as soft and fluffy like last time. It's so pretty out there but I can't imagine having more, let alone an entire winter of the white stuff.

Five. No Naps for the Toddler

What else, what else...oh, I know, I fear I've entered the land of no-more-naps. Say it isn't so! Miss A hasn't napped in the last four days, unless it's in the car, and that nap lasts for about 30 minutes. I'm so sad to see nap time go. The days will feel longer now, that's for sure. Mama's with toddlers who already stopped taking naps, how old were they when they stopped? I'm curious to know if my 19 month old child is stubbornly abandoning ship.

Happy Friday! Be sure to link up for Five on Friday here.  Enjoy the love!


  1. oh so many cute ideas!


  2. So happy you guys had a great date night! Looked wonderful. Also I'm sorry to hear Miss A is at no naps :( Gia still takes one nap a day and she just turned 2. They are very sparatic in times and I cant put her down for one, she just passes out on her own. My oldest is 4 almost 5 and she still takes a late one after pre school, not everyday but most. They both have gone thru no nap phases though.

  3. How did I miss your post today?! Congrats on date night and enjoying eachother's company. The food looks yummy!
    As for naps Elyse stopped taking them at 2 years old (if not a little before) it's no fun for sure. I feel your pain :( are you putting her to bed earlier?

  4. Mine still nap and are 26 months...have you switched her over to one nap yet? I know around 16 months mine weren't napping good at all anymore so I tried dropping a nap and just going to one. I lay them down around 12:30 and usually get a good 2 hours. Hopefully that will work and this is just a phase! You could also have her do quiet time if she is dropping naps.

  5. Mine is 20 months and I can't even cut her down to one nap yet some days (granted they are only about 45 minutes each). She just gets sooo crabby when she gets tired. She doesn't sleep well at night though and is up at 6:00am so by 8:00am she is ready for a nap. Is Miss A crabby when she protests naps or is she happy? Sometimes when Bella is tired but refuses to nap I just put her in her crib for some quiet time (and mommy time). Hopefully it's just a phase due to a growth spurt or something.


  6. Happy valentines weekend! We gave Landon a few board books from targets dollar section too! He loved them and ate all the corners off! Lol

  7. yay for sushi and ice cream - sounds like a perfect date night! I wouldn't give up yet on naps... We've had some phases or a rough week and then she's gone back to to her normal 2hour nap. Usually it's either a cold or teething or something going on I didn't notice. Maybe try to put her down either earlier or later? Or try to get some outside activity close to the nap time to really tire her out? I've heard of some young toddlers giving up naps between 2-3 but I think you've still got some good naps days ahead of you! :)

  8. My son is 27 months and he still takes a 2 hour nap everyday. I don't think your napping days are over just yet. She may just be going through a little phase. Although she may not want to nap, maybe enouraging "quiet time" in her room would help. She may not sleep but it would give you some time to get some things done. btw I found you through the link-up! My blog is eldalarrazabal.blogspot,com


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