September 4, 2013

Sick Days

Today I don't have a What We Ate Wednesday post for you. I completely forgot to photograph what we ate lately because Miss A has been sick.

While I loved the extra cuddles and naps on my chest (something she hasn't done since the early days), I'd much rather have my active little destructive monster any day. It's when their sick that you truly appreciate how active they are. 

After having a fever hovering between 103 and 104 all weekend, we had to take Miss A to the emergency room on Monday. She wasn't getting any better, she was getting worse. Let me tell you, there are definite perks of having a doctor for a husband. We were seen right away.

She had an IV put in and her blood drawn. Her screams will forever haunt me. I can't look whenever I'm getting a shot or getting blood drawn. I could NOT look at what they were doing to her so I held her hand and failed at keeping back my own tears. She got fluids and a dose of antibiotics in case of infection. All her tests came back normal, which was wonderful, yet at the same time, I wanted answers. What was wrong with my baby?

She started feeling better after a while and snacked on some Cheerios. I was so happy to see her eating something! We were discharged several hours later with the request to make an appointment with her pediatrican the next day for a follow up, which was yesterday. It turns out she had some pesky virus. Miss A broke out in a rash while we were in the doctors office, while the doctor literally checked her over. The rash confirmed the doctor's suspisicon of a particular virus. I'm so happy we know what it was and that that's all it was- a virus.

I know it could have been worse and I'll take a virus over something scarier any day. The hubby and I are not cut out to have a sick baby! We were such a mess. I'm glad this is all almost over and my baby is becoming herself again. Now if only I could prevent her from getting sick again. ;)


  1. Aw :( it's just so sad when babies are sick! I am definitely not looking forward to when my baby girl gets sick for the first time! I'm glad your little girl is feeling better!

  2. I'm so glad that she is all better and that it was just a virus, but oh my gosh!! How scary. I can't imagine how emotional you must have been.


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