September 22, 2013

Life as a SAHM

This week Miss A and I had company- Daddy!

My husband gets three weeks off throughout his first year of residency. Not consecutively; they are spread out every couple of months. Thankfully the next vacation will be over Christmas. 

We were so happy to have him home. Miss A is definitely a daddy's girl. Their relationship is so beautiful. I can't even describe how my heart swells every time she runs up to him or gives him a kiss. I baked cookies early in the week when they were both feeling under the weather. 

Thankfully everyone was feeling better by the middle of the week and we were able to go on our beach trip. At first I was positive we were going to have to cancel and lose our Groupon reservation. No refunds. I was really disappointed and tried not to let it bring me down. But the hubby wasn't about to let a silly cold get in the way. He dosed up on cold meds and felt rejuvenated once we hit the sun and sand. Miss A's stuffy nose didn't seem to bother her at all and luckily she had no other symptoms. We had a blast!

We spent the next two days after our trip indoors because of the weather. It rained nonstop. That was okay with us, we were tried and wanted to do get some work done around the house. We spent most of our time playing with Miss A. She is a ball of energy these days, walking laps around the house and chasing after our dog. I was able to do some "crafting" and made a garland for our Fall mantle. 

I also finished decorating the rest of the house with Miss A's help. She is obsessed with her trick-or-treating pumpkin and carries it with her everywhere.

I can't get enough of these snuggles. She is quite the cuddle bug lately. It melts my heart every time she hugs me or lays her head on my shoulder. It's adorable and I don't want this time to ever end!

To bring in the new season, I made pumpkin sugar cookies. This is not the prettiest picture, but usually my Life as a SAHM pictures are from my iPhone and I don't tweak anything about them. These were great, a little on the dry side, but the glaze makes up for that. 

To end the week, we went to an arts festival that comes into town every year. Miss A was showered with lots of love and attention from these men, a few of the hubby's fellow EM residents. She is SO shy around men! She cries or clings to one of us whenever a guy tries to say hello. Every single time! I find it so interesting because is very trustworthy of women. 

It's not going to be the same around here after so much family time. I'm pretty sure Miss A is going to search all around the house for "Dada."


  1. What a beautiful family! Love the leaf garland and your mantel. I'm behind with my Fall décor this year...but it's my goal for this week!

  2. What a great few days you all had. Glad that everyone was feeling up to the Beach Trip! I'm sure with Daddy gone so much, that was a special trip!
    Love your mantle...looks like you gals are getting ready for Fall!


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