November 8, 2013

Five on Friday

Have you started Christmas shopping yet? It's all I can think about now that it's November. I want to get it done, and I want to get it done fast! Ain't nobody got time to cart Miss A around to a busy mall with no parking, long lines, and stressful shoppers. I'm doing a bit of online shopping, but I also like to shop in person, so if I'm going to the store, we're going now!

I've received SO many holiday catalogs in the mail recently that this Five on Friday post is dedicated to all those lovely catalogs that make me want to get my shop on...

1. Pottery Barn Kids

I LOVE Pottery Barn. One day, when I'm rich, that's where all my money will go. I want my house to be a Pottery Barn house. The Pottery Barn Kids catalog came last week and I was swooning over everything. 

One day we'll all have these custom matching stockings hanging on our mantle.

How cute would this be hanging behind each chair filled with treats and small presents?

I mean, I just can't. Every child's dream: a bag filled with toys from Santa.

2. Target Toys

The Target catalog came with tons and tons of toys. I felt like a kid myself flipping through it wandering what to get Miss A. These are on the top of my list right now.

I'm not sure what we're doing for holiday cards yet, but I received a catalog from Tiny Prints in the mail this week. There are so many beautiful cards to choose from.

4. Alloy

Alloy has been one of my favorite places to shop from for years. I have lots of pieces from their catalog. I love their sweaters and dresses, and they last me a long time.

5. Zulily 

Do you shop on Zulily? I'm obsessed. Lately there have been SO many cute things and good deals. I bought this dress for Miss A for Thanksgiving and a dress for myself. It was only $10!

Have you started your Christmas shopping? Where are your favorite places to shop? How do you stay sane during the shopping season?


  1. Visiting from Five on Friday.:) Loved your post!! Getting giddy for Christmastime too! Those stockings are way cute! I totally know what you mean about the toy catalogs! lol! We've been flipping through them at our house too ;) Target is my favorite place to shop {all year round ;)} ... shopping early is what keeps me sane. Can't handle that last minute chaos, besides cutely wrapped gifts under the tree are a fab part of Christmas decor, right? ;) Hope you enjoy a terrific weekend ahead!

  2. I'm SOOO excited for Christmas. Um if I had all the money in the world, I'm pretty sure I would buy out Pottery Barn! I am obsessed! Love Target. and Zulily! They have the best deal. Especially Christmas PJ's you should look at them for your little princess! Cutest little mud pie jammies!

  3. I just ordered a few things from Zulily and love checking out that site!

  4. Love all your catalogs, makes me want to shop too! I used to order from Alloy all the time thanks for reminding me of them! Recently I've rediscovered Delia's- talk about good prices.


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