November 15, 2013

Five on Friday

We're halfway through November, which means one more week until my husband's birthday and Thanksgiving the week after that! I'm getting really excited about the next coming weeks. And especially for the month of December! As always, I'm linking up for Five on Friday today.

1. GroopDealz

Have you heard of GroopDealz? I love this site. Every day I get an email with over +10 items of awesome deals on jewelry, clothes, accessories, baby items, and things for the home. Recently there have been lots of cute holiday items.

2. Finding the Time to Exercise

I've never been a workout junkie. It takes A LOT for me to motivate myself to work out. Before I became a Mom I'd go to the gym and walk/jog on the treadmill. That got boring real fast. I took some yoga and Pilates classes here and there. Now that I am a Mom, it's even harder for me to find the time to exercise. Sure, we go on walks all the time, but I know it's not enough. So, yesterday, Miss A and I went to try out a Jazzercise class. It was SO much fun! I signed up afterwards for 10 classes and I can't wait for my next one. My poor babe though, it was her first time in any kind of child-care setting and she cried pretty much the whole time. :( Any tips?? If you're a Mom, how do you find the time to work out? 

3. Christmas Crafts

Are you crafty? I've tried my hand at some DIY crafts in the past. It's been a while since I've made anything! I'm feeling inspired by all Christmas crafts I've seen floating around Pinterest. 

This is, hands down, my favorite food pin on the week. Take a look at this PIE! I want to make it, but I'm afraid I'll end up eating it, by myself, in the pantry.

5. The Walking Dead

Last, but not least, the hubby and I are huge fans of The Walking Dead. We've watched since the beginning and it has never freaked me out as it does been lately! I can barely watch it without something covering my face. Last week I was hidden behind a blanket for most of the episode. I just can't take it! Do you watch it?

Before you go, I hope you'll take a moment to enter my giveaway. Happy Friday!


  1. GroopDealz kills me! I could order something every day, but most of the time I just delete so I'm not too tempted! Haha ;)

    Ohh working out. Since hubby is a coach, we work out at the school where he works which is great except Jaqs just goes with me and runs around the weight room. It's good except I'm distracted the whole time trying to keep her from picking up weights/hurting herself ;)

  2. LOVE all of the holiday ideas so much!!! wanting to make some garland this weekend myself!! and thanks for the tip on groopdealz! i had no idea!! those pillow covers for 6.99?! AMAZING!!! thank you!! xx

  3. I delete my GroopDealz emails...because I'd buy ALL the things and my wallet would be sad. Need that snowflake garland for Abbie's birthday though!

  4. Gosh girl, wish I could give you some tips on working out with baby! I used to workout ALL the time but am having the hardest time finding time now! The best I do is running with her in the stroller. :) I tried videos too, that may be idea?!!

    Love groopdealz!


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