May 29, 2011

Making Your Own Popsicles

I was flipping through my Everyday with Rachael Ray magazine this morning and saw these.

Can we say I Want Now...

Although now I need to buy ice pop molds. A useless kitchen gadget? I think not! Amazon has a ton of cute varieties, including these. Rocket shaped popsicles? Oh yes. I'd say they're absolutely necessary. 

How are you bringing in the start of summer? I can't wait to show you what we bought tomorrow. :)


  1. Those popsicles look so tempting. :) I have some pop molds but they're just the plain tupperware ones. I may have to invest in some fancy ones before the hot weather sets in. :)

  2. Those popcicles look great. I think those look a whole lot better than the packaged kind. Now you're giving me ideas... Have a good one Christina!

  3. Oh these look good! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    I'm a new follower! :)

  4. These sound fantastic! I could definitely go for a few popsicles this summer. ;)

  5. i'm so glad you found my blog! you have some great recipes :)

    i'm a huge popsicle fan. yum!

  6. What I cool idea! Love it!!!!

  7. I already bought my molds and I was just looking for some great recipes! Thanks so much for the inspiration!!! And thanks for your lovely comment!
    I´m followinf you now :)

    xx Ivana

  8. i cant wait to make these also! i'm not sure which mold ill get but everyone has such yummy recipes!

  9. I made a smoothie the other day and had quite a bit left over. I just stuck it in some popsicle molds and I had dessert!

    Amy @ A Little Nosh

  10. Popsicles are my new best friend!! So easy to really don't need popsicle molds - I'm having fun with dixie cups and craft sticks - it makes much cuter frozen treats. In fact, I have rootbeer float popsicles ready to be photographed in the freezer...

    I did some Bourbon Strawberry and Cream ones last week...check out my post on them (and how to do the Dixie cup method)

  11. I saw these in the magazine too, YUM!
    PS: Thanks for following me over to my new digs :)


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