May 21, 2011

Current Obsessions: Foods, Treats, Books!

I feel like sharing with you today. My obsessions!

 This blueberry vanilla candle that we picked up during our B&B weekend. It smells SO good!

 Blueberries. I am severely obsessed. It is a sad day when they are gone.

 The best organic yogurt ever! Notice the flavor? Yes...

 I'm having a bowl of yogurt a day (sometimes two), and pour this granola on top. I can't have yogurt without this granola!

Oh. My. God. These chips. I can't be left alone with them.

 Our backyard. It is sunny today.

Reading! I used to read a book a week back in the day. Even more when I was in high school/middle school. This is the stack currently in my bedroom. 

What are you obsessed with lately?


  1. What a fun post! I've always been and am still obsessed with books and love to read. I got a kindle last year and love it although I continue to read physical copy books as well. And I'm always obsessed with baking. Right now I'm going through a browned butter phase :).

  2. I thought for a minute they were going to be all blueberry related--you were 3/3 at first ;)

    Your backyard is gorgeous!

  3. I love your's like a puzzle! Susan XOXO


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