March 27, 2011

Weekend Eats & Treats

I don't usually post about what I eat on a daily basis, but I've just got to share these eats with you. We're going to work backwards here. Starting with today.

Sunday: I am obsessed with this cinnamon bread from Aunt Miller's.

I want to eat it all day every day. Spread with some apple butter on top- oh my god. Greatest thing ever!! It was my breakfast this morning.

Saturday: Last night, after coming home from shoe shopping and a great girl's day out, I made Broccoli Cheddar Soup and some biscuits to go along with it.

Holy biscuits. These are good! Recipe forthcoming!

Friday: Friday night I made pizza, using Target's Archer Farms Spinach and Goat Cheese pizza as my inspiration. It is my favorite frozen pizza. My version is just as good, if not better, if I do say so myself...

Oh yeah, and these are the shoes I got. I know you're curious. :)

Sigh. Ready for Spring, anyone?

What should be for dinner tonight? I'm not sure...what are you having?


  1. We're having restaurant leftovers. Boooooring!

  2. I just bought the same Steve Madden sandals! Super cute and surprisingly comfortable!

  3. Plain and simple! I like your work!



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