October 2, 2010

I'd Like to Make...

Rachael Ray has a new cooking show. I watched the first episode last week on the Cooking Channel, Food Network's sister channel. It's called Rachael Ray's Week in a Day and she makes five meals that you can prepare for an entire week. This Roasted Chicken dinner looks divine.

I need to think up an excuse to make this...

..and these. Except, with cookies, I can make them for the hubbs and I with no problem. We can finish off cookies easy. :)

I LOVE the blog How Sweet It Is. Chocolate and bacon are her two favorite ingredients! This whipped sweet potato dish popped up on her blog this week. I'm curious to see if I will like them better over the sweet potato dish I made last Thanksgiving.

This can easily become the perfect snack to come home to.

What have you bookmarked lately?

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