October 19, 2010

Recent Bookmarks

I've been bookmarking apple/pumpkin recipes like a mad woman. I have a serious Fall baking problem. Remember this post? All pumpkin except for those chocolate chip cookies! But don't worry. This post has only one pumpkin recipe. 

How good does this look! I love any kind of Mexican food.

Yes, this is the pumpkin recipe. Come on, can you blame me!!

I'd really like to make these and decorate them for Halloween.

These cookies could potentially be a dessert for Thanksgiving.

This sandwich looks SO GOOD!

Can you believe I've never made chili before!? We're from Florida...we don't feel the desire to make soups or chili's! It's always HOT!

What have you bookmarked recently?

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  1. Wonderful collection of recipes - thanks for sharing!


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