April 17, 2014

Easter Basket Fun

I'm so, so excited for Easter this year. Last year we didn't really do anything- no basket, no egg hunt, and I'm pretty sure my husband had to work. Miss A was ten months old and I decided we'd wait until next year to celebrate.

I mean, really...where does the time go!? The pictures I took for her Easter "session" are some of my favorite baby pictures. That purple dress, headband, Easter bib...she was perfect, in every single way. You bet I'm taking Easter pictures again this year, I don't care if they'll be a blur as she runs around and dives off the couch!

So I'm participating in the Easter basket blog hop and thought it would be fun to share with you what I got Miss A for her basket, or in this case, bucket!

I thought about getting Miss A a white basket. I saw plenty that I loved but in the end I thought getting her a bucket would be much easier for her to carry as she collects eggs and it will be something she can reuse later. Plus, Minnie is on the front; I knew she'd love nothing more.  

I didn't want to go crazy with her bucket. For one thing, it's not all that big, and I wanted everything to fit. Everything fit perfectly, until I found a book that I couldn't pass up. She has a new outfit, a skirt and shirt combo (that has a popsicle on the front, win win), a colorful Slinky, a pink sunhat, a glittery bracelet, a Minnie Mouse straw cup, and her very first chocolate bunny!

I know she's going to love the bracelet as she can't get enough of my own. I'm curious to see what she does with the Slinky. I found it in Target's dollar spot and I loved the pastel color. And don't worry- I'm not going to give her that entire bunny in one sitting. She'll have a couple of pieces every now and then until one of us eats the rest for her. :) I'm also excited about the straw cup as she needs practice using a straw. I'd love to give her some smoothies to drink in the upcoming months! I wasn't planning on getting her clothes, but I saw the popsicle T-shirt and couldn't pass it up. Crazy 8 is a dangerous store for my wallet.

I can't wait to see her face Easter morning!


  1. Such a great easter basket! I love the minnie straw cup - so cute!! And that looks like a really fun book - my LO loves bunnies no matter what time of year so I'm going to check it out! Oh and I bet she loves the slinky -- we had one for awhile (it broke) and my daughter loved it!

  2. Great basket!! I wish I had thought of getting Asha a slinky.

  3. Cute basket! I think I may be the only mom in blogland not doing one!

  4. She is gonna the love the Minnie cup and bucket! I've never been inside a Crazy 8 store but my parents have one near them and they've gotten the girls some really cute things from there! Happy Easter weekend to you and your family!

  5. I didnt do anything the first TWO years and went a little crazy this year! But my daughter is 3 now and was finally old enough to actually participate in egg dyeing and fully understand the concept of Easter, so I am justifying it :) I love your Minnie Mouse bucket, we're a big Disney Family over here. Happy Easter!

  6. Hi from the link-up! Adorable basket! Love all the little Minnie Mouse touches! :)


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