January 15, 2014

Life as a SAHM- Sleep or Not to Sleep

Sometimes it feels that way, right? Teething, sickness, and being out of town, has taken a toll on Miss A. Since we've been back from Miami, naps are completely off schedule and wake ups in the middle of the night are happening waaaay to frequently.

So what's a Mama to do? I try to do my best, but honestly, sometimes I push aside the chores to tomorrow, I put my feet up during a nap (when and if they happen) and I tell myself it's only temporary. Eventually, hopefully, she will go back to normal. In the meantime, I may be going a little batty, and I'm so grateful for all my friends who receive phone calls and text messages from me daily. Thanks for putting up with me!

Let's move on to some fun topics! We've started "mommy school" after being inspired by Leah. We're working on identifying animals and the sounds they make. Yesterday we read all her books on animals, played with a puzzle, and attempted to do a craft with cotton balls and glue. Haha, that was interesting- the glue was much more entertaining and the cotton balls, well, they didn't stay on for very long!

I'm also so thrilled to be a part of a new playgroup with toddlers very close to Miss A's age. Hopefully we will continue to meet once a week and enjoy making some new friends. If there's nothing else a tired, sleep-deprived mom needs, it's other tired, sleep-deprived moms to share in her woes. Getting out of the house is also a major perk, especially with this dreary, rainy weather we've been having lately.

Miss A's obsession with Mickey and Minnie is no secret and everyone is buying and sending her all kinds of Mickey related clothes and toys. She carries this Minnie doll with her everywhere. Minnie's clothes, shoes, and bows snap on and off so you can change her outfit, which means that I'm replacing her bow 15363 times a day. It's so adorable, I can't hardly stand it.

Lots of new words have been added to her vocabulary: sit, Daisy (Daisy duck from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse), hi, bye, night night, agua, outside, inside, mama, dada, sisi (Sandy, or dog), Minnie, Mickey, all done, out, book, baby, ball, car, eyes, nose and I'm sure there's many more that I'm forgetting right now, not to mention all the other words and commands she understands.

This is such a fun age, I can't believe she is 18 months old today. I feel like her "babyness" is slipping away and she's becoming more and more of a little girl every day. I usually don't get sad about this because I'm always excited to watch her change and grow, but lately I have been a little sad, knowing that I will miss these days so much. If only time could slow down and she could stay my baby longer!


  1. Such a cutie! Sorry about your sleep, I hope she sleeps better for you soon!

  2. I hear ya in the sleep thing!! My girls got totally thrown off with the Holidays and were up an down all night, it was rough for weeks!! We finally decided to check on them once and as long as they were fine let them "work it out". After about 3 nights of this things were back to normal :) hoping your little gets back to normal soon!!

  3. I feel you on being sleep deprived. I'm sorry, I hope miss A fires back soon to get regular nap schedule or makes a new fast ;) love play dates!

  4. Sleep deprivation is no joke. Sometimes I think I can do the whole SAHM thing but then I get a day off and actually try and it's so hard! No adult interaction, feeling guilty if you aren't doing something productive every minute of your day, and let's not mention all the house work and cooking. I would get a little batty too! Kudos for all you do. I love the idea of Tot School! Looks like fun.


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