January 24, 2014

Five on Friday

It may seem like I've dropped the ball on blogging, and in many ways, that's true. I've had very little motivation this week, with teething shaking up our normally peaceful, happy days, and other distractions. But I promise to be back next week! As for today, it's Friday, and I've missed linking up for Five on Friday!

1. Decorating

I bought the painting from World Market that I mentioned seeing last week. I went back to the store after showing the hubby a picture of it and he really liked it. So we hung it up to see how it would look in our living room and we both love it! Now I'm on the hunt for the perfect throw pillows.

2. Snow!

It "snowed" earlier this week, which made me really excited! I love that I was able to sit back and watch it fall as the flakes were pretty big, just like I used to do in Michigan. There's something so magical about snow (at first anyway, after dealing with it for months before I slowly started to hate it). Miss A and I went outside so I could show it to her and she was not impressed! Haha, I never know what to expect from her.

3. Organizing Photos

I finally, FINALLY, but together a photo book of Miss A's newborn pictures. I've been meaning to do this for...oh, about a YEAR and have slacked so much on putting her photos together in albums. I think it's because we have too much! Anyway, I love how her book turned out from Shutterfly.

4. Where does the time go?

We've got Miss A's 18 month check up today and I'm not looking forward to it. I swear it feels like I'm the one getting the shots! I can't believe we're here- 18 months! I think the next appointment isn't until she's two years old. TWO! How is this happening so fast?

5. Chocolate Cake Cookies 

By far my favorite pin this week! I'm dying to make these, preferably with festive Valentine M&M's!

Happy Friday!


  1. The picture looks so pretty! I'm jealous about the snow, I can't wait to take my kids to see some. There's something magical about snow! Congrats on the baby book! Trust me, you're not the only one who's bad at doing them - I'm soooo behind!


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