January 28, 2014

A Day in the Life

WI've never done a "day in the life" post before and thought I'd give it a try! This is what a typical day looks around here, the exciting life of a SAHM. :)


Miss A is up and ready to start the day. I'm usually already awake myself, savoring the last few minutes of laying in bed. Sometimes she'll hang out in her crib for awhile and other times she's shouting for me to come and get her.


Breakfast time. Today we're having waffles and strawberries.


I start cleaning up the kitchen, which involves unloading the dishes from the dishwasher and she loves to help, by handing me the silverware. Not pictured- first meltdown of the day when I told her "no" she could not pick up the glass plates!


She usually watches an episode of  Mickey Mouse Clubhouse while I clean up the kitchen, start a load of laundry, or sweep the floor. If I finish up with all that before the episode is over, I'll start reading blogs and check my email. Once Mickey ends, we play downstairs for a little while (today she wanted to play in my lap) then eventually go upstairs so I can make the bed, slap on some makeup, get our clothes out for the day, and play in her room. If we're meeting friends, going to a playgroup, or story time, then we'd both get dressed for the day and head out. Otherwise, we take it easy, like this particular day.

10:30 am

Around 10:00-10:30 Miss A asks for a "nack". I'm usually hungry too and this is also when I like to drink my coffee! She munches on some strawberries and I have some yogurt with granola.

11:00 am 

It's time to get dressed! Miss A plays with my jewelry and nail polish as I get ready. Most days I can take my time as she's really good at entertaining herself in our bedroom. She absolutely LOVES wearing my jewelry and going through my makeup. Of course there are days I have to rush through if she wants to be picked up or leave the room.

11:30 am

This is when she USED to take a nap and I stubbornly try everyday in the hopes she will nap, to no avail. I'll walk back in after 5 minutes to this- her blanket, lullaby monkey, doll, and pacifiers on the floor. I lay her back down again in the hopes she'll fall asleep and run to do some other things while I can, depending on how long she can entertain herself in the crib.

12:00 pm

No nap! No surprise there. Oh well. It's time for lunch.

Miss A is having homemade mac and cheese, shredded chicken, and broccoli. I get around to making myself a salad. She has a pacifier because I've noticed a new tooth is coming in and she's suddenly being very whiny and clingy. We usually don't offer it to her during the day, except for this reason (or if she's sick). 

I'm having a salad with chopped chicken, tomatoes, almonds, and feta cheese. I try to eat it on the floor while she plays with toys but she ends up in my lap picking at the lettuce. 

PS- this is what my sink looks like by this time of the day! Please tell me I'm not alone. 

1:00 pm

Finally, it's time to leave the house! Now that Miss A's nap is much later in the day I try to get out before then to run errands, meet friends, have a play date, go to the park (when it's warmer out), etc. Today's errand is to Target (surprise surprise) to pick up baby wipes, tights for Miss A, toothpaste, and other assorted items that somehow manage to fall into my cart. How do they get there?

2:30 pm 

Back home and at last, it's nap time! Her nap can be anywhere from 2:30-3:00 and lasts for an hour to two hours. Lately it's only been about an hour, or they don't happen at all! I see many no-nap days in my future. :( If it looks like she's going to refuse a nap, we hop into the car and drive around until she falls asleep. This typically always works, but of course, I'd much rather be in the house where I can get things done. I take a book or magazine to read and we sit in the driveway until she wakes up! Today she thankfully falls asleep easily and I've got to fold a huge pile of laundry. I finish up an episode of Downton Abbey while doing so. I'll usually do other chores that are lingering- like clean the bathrooms, sweep the floor/mop, or anything else that doesn't make noise (vacuuming is out of the question!)

Once I'm finished I go upstairs into the guest room where my desk is. Yes, I still rip out magazine clippings and tape them to the wall like I'm thirteen years old. Eventually I'd like to hang a chalkboard above my desk and frame inspirational quotes/wall art. Anyway, I sit down to read my favorite blogs, pay bills, check my planner, and read emails. 

4:00 pm 

She's up! Still sleepy and groggy, so we cuddle on the couch for a little bit until she asks for another snack.

She has some toast with peanut butter and I check my menu plan to see what I'm making for dinner. I get everything out that I need and arrange it on the counter. Once she's done with her snack we play downstairs until my husband comes home! A treat- he usually gets home after 7:00 on this rotation. 

6:00 pm

I run to take a quick shower and then start dinner while they hang out together. 

6:45 pm 

Dinner is served! We're having creamy tuscan pasta. Miss A isn't much of a fan, so I reheat some of her lunch and offer her some fruit, which she gobbles up. 

7:00-8:00 pm

It's time for bath, pajamas, and a little playtime before bed. We read books, say night night to dada, and sing some songs before I lay her down for the night. She's usually in bed by 8:00. 

Once Miss A goes to bed the hubby and I finally get to have some time together. We catch up on our DVR and enjoy each other's company. Depending on when he has to get up the next day, I might stay up after him and watch one of my own shows that I don't watch with him (like Downton Abbey), read, or write a blog post. 

There you have it! I hope you've enjoyed reading about how our days go!


  1. Love these posts! Seems like a fun and tiring day :)

  2. I love reading these!! Gotta love the life of a SAHM :)

  3. What a nice day :) I wish my daughter would pick up fruit. She will only eat it puréed in a pouch.

  4. We also love getting out of the house before afternoon naps. Though this morning Noah fell asleep in the car at 10:45 and it threw off our whole schedule!

    1. Haven'been on blogger for a long time and to see how your blog has improved and meet new member of your family! makes me happy.Thank you for sharing your day,very interesting.More bloggers should do that so that we could see real people behind the blog.Do come visit me too,will have some interesting recipes from my fellow kiwi Annabel Langbein in coming time.Your kiddo is just gorgeous.My daughter who si almost 5 now saw the picture and was asking.When can I play with her;) Greetings from sunny New Zealand.

  5. I love your day, I feel like I go through the same obstacles as you girls! I'm sorry your nap time has been up and down. My youngest, Gia is the same way!


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