March 19, 2014

It's The Little Things Part 6

My, my, things are finally starting to look up around here. It's amazing how sleep affects your mind and body. Too little sleep and I'm a disaster, dragging my feet and barely holding my head up. It was not pretty in the newborn days, not until we sleep trained around seven months. I don't know how I functioned back then! Yes, Miss A is finally starting to sleep again- knock on wood! Every mom knows the minute you talk about how great your kid sleeps, that's when it all goes to hell. So, let's just say I'm feeling good, we're doing good, and life is as it should be.

Today's "little thing" is kind of a big least, it is to me. It's a little change in the way Miss A is having her meals. Last week she was refusing to sit in her high chair. Cue drama and tantrum whenever I said, "okay, let's go sit and eat!" I was worried we'd have to start following her around while she ate, just so she would eat, or that I'd have to start looking for a booster seat. Instead, I tried putting her in her chair without her tray.

I set down her breakfast (of scrambled eggs, which she hasn't touched in months) on her own little plate (Mickey and Minnie Mouse of course) and gave her own fork. She was SO happy. The smile on her face! I sat there watching her eat, shoveling food into her mouth like a little expert. When did this happen? Sure I give her a fork every now and then to practice but suddenly she's gotten so good at it. It's fun to watch her and to cheer her on when she manages to get a full bite into her mouth. Our dog is certainly loving this new development as there are plenty of scraps for her to gobble down that end up on the floor. Which also means I'm cleaning the floor twice as much. Awesome.  

Anyway, she's loving it! There have been no more fights to sit down and eat and she's eating almost everything on her plate. Veggies are currently the struggle here, but she's eating tons of fruit and I try to sneak in spinach and other greens when I can. Like in this quesadilla. 

She also had her first real sandwich yesterday for lunch (still in pjs, it was a rainy day). Usually I make her quesadilla melts, like you saw in the picture above, but we were out of tortillas and I thought I'd give it a go and see how she'd do with a whole sandwich. I pressed it in our panini press so she wouldn't have this huge chunk of bread to bite down on and cut it into four pieces. She did pretty well, despite pulling out the slivers of spinach I tried to sneak in and chunks of ham falling out occasionally. She also likes eating with her plate on a placemat like a real big girl. I mean, my mind is blown. When did my baby get SO big? It really is amazing how quickly things change. I'm loving it though, she is becoming so independent!


  1. Good idea at just taking the tray off and putting her up to the table! Seems like they like anything that makes them feel more like big girls. :) Love her cute jammies!

  2. Very nice to hear things are lookin' up on the homefront there! Addie is the cutest with her Minnie plates of food. Your quesadilla melts sound wonderful too.

  3. So cute! She's growing up and becoming more independent! It happens so fast!

  4. Callie loves to sit at the table (I think we started around that age too) and it makes meals so much easier! Love that minnie plate with the ears - where did you find it! I still haven't really tried sandwhiches yet - I probably should soon! You may have inspired me :)

  5. For some odd reason I completely forgot that our highchair lowers to table level! We tried the booster seat at the table but she is still way too short to reach so we just gave up and went back to the high chair. I am going to have to try this today! Thanks for the "ah ha" moment!!


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