December 17, 2013

Christmas Pictures 2013

Last year I didn't have any photo cards printed for our Christmas cards. I dressed Miss A up in a cute "My 1st Christmas" outfit and sent them along with a regular card to friends and family.

This year I was contacted by Tiny Prints to try their cards. I absolutely loved the selection to choose from and went with this design.

We didn't have professional photos done, as we're still new to the area and haven't found a photographer yet. I asked my dad to take some pictures of us while he was here for Thanksgiving.

We went with this photo for our Christmas cards! Miss A was NOT in a picture-taking mood, so this was the best one out of the bunch.

We also took some pictures while we were out searching for a Christmas tree.

And this is after we finished decorating the tree! I really do love this picture, Miss A is finally smiling, but it's indoors, I had changed out of my red dress, and I don't love the lighting of indoor pictures. Plus, I've got some weird crazy eyes happening here!

Overall I'm happy with the photo we chose and I hope to take one every year. I plan on starting a new tradition- adding a family photo ornament to the tree every year. How fun will that be to see our family change and grow as we unwrap each ornament. I can't wait!

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  1. Love the pictures! I like how the card is round too. So original :)


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