November 6, 2010

A Shoutout to Santa Claus

This wasn't supposed to turn into a Christmas post. I wanted to post my recent bookmarks and then I realized, I only had two new ones to share...

Yes. I know.

Another contender for Thanksgiving?

The reason behind the lack of food related bookmarks?

It's November. And that means everyone is already starting to ask, "What do you want for Christmas?" So I have begun my search...

Have you started yours yet, or am I just crazy?

Here are some things I want this year.

I don't have any of her cookbooks. I really really want this one.

This is not going to happen. We don't have space for it. It's really expensive. But I want it anyway, Santa.

Please share any recipes you've bookmarked lately. I'm slacking and would like some new ones!


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  2. I got that red professional 6 qt Kitchen Aid for Christmas. I've had the basic artisan for about 15 or 16 years. Been baking pies for a local restaurant and needed one with more mixing capacity. I love it! Our Kohl's store sent out so many promotional coupons over the holidays that my husband got it for the price of an artisan. I am so in love with my mixer. I also bought the beater blade off of amazon for it. This blade keeps you from having to stop the mixer and scrape the edges down. cool tool, and the outside edge of it is red to match the mixer.


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