March 2, 2013

Friday Finds & Faves

I've been using my crock pot like it's going out of style. That's why I can't wait to try this enchilada casserole!

I loooove monster cookies and need a reason to make these ASAP.

I'm sure we all saw these homemade oreo's with peanut butter. Shut the front door!

Just Baked, a local cupcake shop, was giving out free cupcakes every day this week if you knew the secret flavor. I went to pick up the chocolate malt flavor and ughhh it was so good!

I was having a pretty bad morning with our sweet angel baby and sent my husband a text saying "I want a doughnut. Like NOW." Guess what I got when he got home? He's a keeper!

If you know me IRL you know how excited I am that it's finally MARCH!! No, not just because it means the snow will finally end (hopefully) but because Match Day is upon us! We will soon find out where my husband has matched for residency. I'm SO excited to find out!

What are your finds or faves this week?

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  1. Match Day means a new kitchen for you! :) :) which means us blog followers are excited too...


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