July 30, 2014

Sometimes I Wish

Sometimes I wish my husband had normal work hours. Meaning he came home every day for dinner, had weekends off, and didn't have to work night shifts.

Sometimes I wish I lived near family. The days are long and the years are short...but boy, some days are REALLY long. Especially no nap days, when someone is losing it at 6:30pm and my house is a disaster. Having grandma around would be a huge help.

Sometimes I wish calories didn't count. I made these smore's bars on Sunday and I've nearly had the whole pan, it's SO good.

Sometimes I wish I didn't get depressed after a family visit is over. It's hard when you realize that you won't see family again for a few months.

Sometimes I wish I lived closer to my friends. Since we've lived in three different places since getting married, we've made so many friends that live all over the country. Florida, New York, Washington, Michigan, California. I wish we were closer!

Sometimes I wish it was possible to do it all- have a part-time job (to keep my brain functioning), a happy toddler, a clean house, a social calendar, and semi weekly trips to the nail salon.

What do you wish sometimes?

July 29, 2014

Since Turning Two...

Since turning two my little miss has had all kinds of fun. Let's break it down...

1. I ordered this kitchen two weeks before her birthday. It went out of stock, cancelled twice, and re-ordered a third time and took over a week to get here. Needless to say it was not here in time for her birthday, which I was really bummed about, but when it finally did arrive it was like her birthday all over again, the three of us were so excited. We sat down and ripped open that box, pulled out all the pieces and got to work. Would you believe she watched and "helped" throughout the entire process? Once it was finished we played and played, making coffee, fried eggs, and macaroni and cheese. Best. toy. ever.

2. I should've started off by saying I took the plunge and bought chalkboard paint last week and painted the wall before her kitchen arrived. I bought the paint at Lowe's, grabbed a 99 cent paint dipper, roller brush, and got to work during nap time. I painted two coats, let it cure for three days, and then rubbed the wall with white chalk, per all the advice I found online. The end result- a huge chalkboard for her to draw, scribble, and smear! I love it, she loves it, everybody loves it. The invention of chalkboard paint- genius.

3. We had my parents back for a day and a half to visit after their trip to Boston. Miss A was so excited to see them again and played non stop with her Grandpa. I was sad to see them go since it will be a while until we see them again.

4. Cloud dough! I found this idea on Leah's blog. All it takes is a few cups of flour and some oil (baby oil or canola oil) and you've got "sand". We don't have a sandbox and Miss A really likes playing with sand. It's a good activity to pass some time when someone is not napping...

5. Move over Frozen, we've found a new movie to watch, over, and over, and over again. BUT it's a movie that I loved as a kid and with great songs...The Little Mermaid! Miss A has the Little People Ariel Castle and she has been playing with it a lot more now, especially with Ariel and Flounder. Since we've seen Frozen 32467 times I thought we've give another movie a shot. Turns out she loves Ariel so much that it's now all she asks for when given the opportunity to watch TV. Excuse me while I sing "Under the Sea" for the third time today. :)

July 23, 2014

A Minnie Birthday Bash: Part Two

I had so much fun putting together this party. From the details, the food, and the guests, it was amazing watching it unfold the day of. I'm pretty sure Miss A had a great time, even if she can't remember it, she has lots of pictures and videos to look back on when she gets older.

We were so happy to have our parents, her grandparents here to celebrate with us. After driving 12+ hours and flying over to be with us, we couldn't be more grateful.

The ladies- my mother in law, two sister in laws, me, and my mom!

The gentlemen- my brother, husband, father in law, adopted brother (hubby's best friend), and my dad. 

The party started off outside, which was where all the food and drinks were, along with entertainment for the kids. Miss A spent some time on the swing before the majority of her friends arrived. 

We had her elephant game outside, which blows out fireflies and comes with two nets for the kids to catch them. They were more interested in picking them up off the floor and stuffing them back into the elephant, which kinda made me sad that we didn't get a pinata after all!

Setting up a coloring station was a last minute idea and I'm glad I did it, because all her friends actually sat down and took some time to create a Minnie masterpiece.

She looked so cute in her Minnie dress and sparkly shoes! I got the dress from Esty and found the shoes a few months ago on clearance at Target. 

No time to waste when to comes to cupcakes! She dove face first into the frosting.

Opening all her gifts was the highlight of the day. She loved, loved ripping open every package and was delighted to find her very own Anna doll. 

Of course we can't forget Minnie! We have Frozen and Minnie toys up to our ears, along with lots of new books, clothes, and a few fun educational toys for me to get started on our preschool corner, which I hope to start this fall.

Now that the party is over, I'm a little sad, and also nostalgic. Reflecting on the past year, it's amazing to think about how much she has changed and grown since turning one years old. In a year she learned to walk, run, talk, put together three, sometimes even four word sentences, sing, count, and develop a sense of humor so much like her Daddy. She loves to play, laugh, hide, and dance. Stickers, dogs, cats, bunnies, blueberries, coloring, being outside, songs, and singing are a few of her favorite things. I absolutely love staying home with  her and being there for every minute.

July 22, 2014

A Minnie Birthday Bash: Part One

With so many pictures to share, I thought I'd start off the fun with the part I spent the most time on: the details. I started planning Miss A's party two months ago, browsing Pinterest for ideas, making my very own "Minnie" board, figuring out what I could DIY and make myself, and what I had to purchase from the store. We had a small budget (at least in regards to a party) and I was determined to make it special, festive, and beautiful. I've always loved party planning and was up for the challenge. I loved every minute of it and honestly, I already miss it! I'd craft during nap time, nights when my husband was working, and if I had the rare moment where Miss A was occupied on her own. I made everything, except the cake!

The party was held outdoors, however, that didn't stop me from decorating indoors too! We had the cake table inside to keep it away from bugs and from the heat (it was awfully hot that day, which was a bummer). I decorated the mantle in our family room with the board I made for her photo shot (more on that in a future post), two stuffed Minnie's she already had, a "two" banner that I made, and pink and white streamers. I also printed out several pictures from her photo shot and framed them. 

On our front door I hung a welcome sign that I made using my printer and decorative cardstock. I also tied a few balloons and streamers to the walkway.

By far my favorite aspect of the party was the cake table. Everyone helped me put it together, handing me strip after strip of tape, being my eyes from afar, and making sure I didn't fall off the chair I had to stand on. I made the "happy birthday" banner, the streamers, and printed out the Minnie cutouts. 

I also made the cupcakes and decorated them with mini Oreo's for ears. The two Minnie dolls we already had and the stuffed Minnie and Mickey were gifts from her grandpa. I ordered the "2" stickers from an seller on Groopdealz

Ah, the cake! I can't take credit for the cake. My friend made it to a "T" of a picture I showed her. She was spot on with what I asked for, it was gorgeous, and tasted really good too! I didn't want to cut it, it was so beautiful.

We had two tables outside for guests to eat and chat. I covered the tables in matching pink tablecloths, a glittery pink runner that I found at Michaels, circle dot confetti, and bucket centerpieces I made with Minnie cutouts. I printed out the Minnie's on white cardstock, cut them out, and taped them to lollipop sticks. I made the black cutouts by hand and printed out the bows and cut those out. I stuffed the buckets (from Walmart) with pink Easter grass and stuck on a "2" sticker to the front. 

Miss A's friends had lots of toys to play with. Her ball pit, lots of cars to ride on, a sidewalk chalk mat that I put together with old cardboard boxes, her swing set, and a coloring station. 

For the food we had chicken fingers (Goofy's silly fingers), pigs in a blanket (hot diggity dogs), chex mix (Pluto's doggie treats), veggies (Daisy's garden veggies), a pasta salad (Minnie's bowtique pasta), and fruit salad (Mickey's fruity salad). Sadly I completely forgot to take a picture of the drink table, which was out by the tables. It was also covered in a pink polka dot tablecloth (Amazon) and we served pink lemonade, sweet tea, water, and wine for the adults. I also had pink polka dot straws for even more festiveness!

Tomorrow I'll share the rest- family shots, Miss A in her birthday dress, cutting the cake, and opening presents. Stay tuned!

UPDATE: Click here to see more!