November 2, 2015

Halloween 2015

Halloween was an absolute blast. Definitely my favorite one so far! Miss A is at that perfect age to understand what's going on and to be SO excited. Our Halloween festivities began early, with a pumpkin painting play date on Thursday with all our friends. Friday morning was her preschool parade and party, which I volunteered for and was able to attend. Cue big happy tears and smiles watching her wave by as she walked with her class. My dad was visiting and she shouted, "Hi Grandpa! Hi Mama!" Ah. Seriously the best.

After the parade, we went inside to set up for the class party. I made cheese broom sticks and sugar cookies. The other mom made Clementine pumpkins and apple mouths with marshmallows. I love festive food!

J received lots of attention from her classmates. Everyone crowded around him, squealing at the sight of a baby. I loved watching A in her classroom, with her teachers, with her friends. It made me so happy to see how much she loves school.

On Halloween morning we carved our pumpkin with Daddy. Better late than never! A asked for a kitty pumpkin and we happened to have the perfect creepy cat template. We duh our hands in, pulled out all the seeds, set them aside in a bowl to roast later. Last year A did not want anything to do with cleaning out the pumpkin. Funny how things change. In the afternoon we went to the park for a bit to kill some time, then headed back home to change into costumes, take pictures, and get a batch of chili going for after trick or treat.

A had an absolute blast going up and down our neighbor's doors. Not the least bit shy, she rang doorbells, reached for candy, and excitedly ran down to tell us what she got. Thankfully no creepy costumes scared her away this time. I had to leave half way through to put J down for the night, and they were able to hit at least ten more houses before coming back home to pass out candy. We went through all our bags- so happy I bought as much as I did, seeing as she was very generous with our treaters. :) The three of us sat on the porch steps, eating chili, handing out candy. It was perfect. It was what I've always dreamed Halloween would be like.

Our costumes were assigned to us a month ago- by Miss A, of course. We checked out a superhero book from the library one day and she LOVED it. I had already starting asking her what she wanted to be for Halloween around that time and she said she wanted to be Wonder Woman, I was going to be Catwoman, J Superman, and Daddy would be Batman! Well, we were all set to find her Wonder Woman costume when we saw this bright, shiny pink Supergirl one at Target. No surprise, she choose Supergirl over Wonder Woman, which we loved! My costume didn't turn out exactly how I planned- the mask was bigger than I hoped, so it may not have been clear that I was Catwoman. ;) Mom costume. No skintight leather suit for me!


  1. Loving that you guys had such a fun Halloween! We did too this year - it's just awesome that our kids are old enough to really enjoy and participate in the holiday fun now, isn't it? Loving that you did a coordinating family costume. That is my one regret - B and I didn't dress up, and I wished we would have when it came time to trick or treat and do all the fun stuff together as a family. Guess there's always next year!:)

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