September 18, 2015

Friday Favorites

I'm up at the crack of dawn this morning. Literally. Why is it that when babies have a bad nap day, which means an early bedtime, they will wake up SO early the next day. Gah. Me and 5am don't mix. However, it does mean I had time to write up a Friday favorites post! It has been too long..

First, and foremost, my babies. This is my favorite picture from the week. They are playing together now! Well, sort of. J shimmies over, looks and grabs at whatever A is playing with and attempts to put it in his mouth. He is SO curious and wants to be involved in everything big sis is doing. I love it.

These boots are gorgeous. In taupe, please.

Leggings. What's your favorite pair? These have great reviews, but the price tag... ._.

This post on your Libido After Baby. I wish I read this the first time around!

These cupcakes are the cutest! I'm definitely making them for one of the kids birthday parties one day.

I have time to read occasionally if it's just me at night- I really like this round up of 5 Big Fall Books. What have you read lately? I've got All The Light We Cannot See requested at the library. Have you read it?

Halloween pajamas!! I wish they made them in adult sizes. Seriously, how fun are these monster ones? I also like these from Carters.

Did you know that adding cornstarch to your chocolate chip cookies makes a world of a difference? I made these recently, made a double batch of the dough, and froze it in balls ready to go in to the oven whenever we wanted freshly baked cookies. Which happened to be everyday after making these.

Other recent favorites- PSL's (of course), all my pumpkin candles (I shared one I got at HomeGoods recently on IG- stillluckyblog), Target's day designer, adult coloring books, Dawson's Creek reruns, and The Affair season 2 promo!

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