July 22, 2015

J's 4 Month Update & Favorites

I realize I'm terrible with keeping up with baby updates on the blog. Despite my lack of effort on here, I can say that I've kept up with monthly photos, taken them on the right day, and have kept up with his baby calendar. It was earlier this week when I took J to his wellness visit that I realized I haven't written anything about J in months.

He is now 4 months and three weeks, a delightful, happy, sweet baby boy. I'm head over heels for him, absolutely smitten. He has stolen Mama's heart and I see no chance in getting it back.

Where to begin? With sleep. Always with sleep. A week before turning four months, J hit the notorious four month sleep regression, as known as the four month wakeful. I remember when Miss A hit the same sleep regression, and oh man, it was HARD. J was a great sleeper beforehand, I knew he was going to hit it too! Luckily, in comparison to his sister, the regression was a breeze. He did have a few rough nights of waking up every hour after 2:00am, but they were quick. What was really hard was having him wake up 30 minutes after being put down for the night. I would nurse him, then he'd go right back to sleep, only to wake up an hour or so later. It was frustrating and I wasn't sure what to do. Three weeks of this and it wasn't getting any better. I was worried he would develop a nurse to sleep association like his sister. So, after our family left, we decided to try and let him go back to sleep on his own once he woke up after 30 minutes. We took turns going in and patting him, talking to him, and after three nights he stopped waking up! I was so relived. Now he wakes up at midnight or around 4:00am for a feeding. It is wonderful, I can only hope this continues for awhile, until another regression hits!

Besides sleep, J is meeting all his four month milestones. He has great head control, he can grasp toys now, he can imitate sounds, he smiles all the time, and laughs when we tickle him. He absolutely LOVES to look at his big sister. It is the sweetest thing. If he hears her voice he turns his head to look at her and will watch her from across the room. He's always smiling at her. We pick him in the jumperoo for the first time last week and he is so happy in there! He can be in there for almost a half hour, bouncing around.

At his 4 month appointment this week he had three shots and one oral. He took them like a champ, was super fussy in the afternoon, but felt better after a dose of Tylenol. He slept great that night, thank goodness! He is still a peanut, three inches shy of his sister at this age. But he is now on the curve for weight, yay! That does not surprise me at all as he loves to nurse and he nurses well. He's wearing 3-6 clothes and some 6 month onesies. Before I had a boy, I thought boy clothes were kind of...underwhelming? I can honestly say I was wrong and there are plenty of adorable outfits for boys. Mint green onesies, giraffes, little red cars. Gah. I love it all!

As for favorites, J is loving his rainforest jumperoo and piano play gym. He still spits up often, these are my favorite burp cloths. This changing pad is super soft and cozy, I have two because I love them so much. I adore all of carter's onesies, they are true to size and fit J the best. 

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  1. He is just so sweet, Christina! Loved reading his update today!:)


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