July 23, 2015

A Day in the Life

I love "day in the life" posts- I haven't done one since A was two years old! Here's a glimpse of what life is like with two...

A Day in the Life
July 21st, 2015
Miss A is 3, J is 19 weeks

I hear J stirring on the monitor. Yay, not too bad- I was up with him an hour before to nurse and prayed that he would go back to sleep. He did, so I'm rolling out of bed happy. I rush to his room, which is right across from Miss A's, to grab him before he wakes her. I love having some quiet time with just him in the mornings before his sassy big sister wakes up. We cuddle in the rocker for a few minutes before heading downstairs. 

I let light into the house, opening all the curtains and head to the kitchen. It's decent- most was cleaned up the night before, with a tower of pots and pans in the dish rack. I grab some OJ, eggs, and bread out of the fridge. J is fidgeting so I set him down on his play mat in the family room and go back to the kitchen to start some coffee. 

Miss A is up. She jumps out of bed and hides behind her bedroom door to play. She does this almost every morning, it is the cutest thing. I'll open up the door and find her with her dolls or books crammed into the corner. I let her play for a few minutes before grabbing J and heading upstairs to bring her down. 

We've been having a bit of a...poop problem in the mornings. If I don't get her right away, she will poop in her pull up and act like nothing happened. It.is.so.frustrating and I don't know how to get it to stop! This morning I got to her just in time. She wants to get out of her pajamas right away and picks out her pink butterfly dress. We head downstairs. I make pancakes while J hangs out on his play mat and Miss A begs for me to "play songs". She's currently obsessed with several songs- Fight Song by Rachel Platten, Bad Blood by Taylor Swift, and I Want You To Know by Selena Gomez. She LOVES music and can happily listen to her favorites all the live long day.

After breakfast it's play time and TV time. I nurse J, he falls asleep in my arms and I take him upstairs to his room. His naps can last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. Rarely does he make it past an hour, they're usually 30 minutes. :( Back downstairs I start a load of laundry, clean up the kitchen from breakfast, and sit on the couch to relax for a few minutes. I read blogs, check my email, and Facebook.

J is up. We go upstairs to get him and go to my room so I can change and get ready for the day. On our agenda is a dentist appointment for Miss A. She's excited because she remembers the bag of goodies she got last time- a new toothbrush, a dinosaur water toy, and stickers. Once I'm ready (in between picking up J to soothe him and checking on A in her room), it's back down to pack snacks and drinks to go. 

At the dentist. Miss A is doing well until she's asked to sit back in the chair. She is scared, poor girl, but does well considering. At the end of the appointment she demands a new toothbrush- a pink Cinderella one to be exact! They only have Jake and the Neverland Pirates, which she begrudgingly accepts. ;)

We're back home. J is asleep and I risk taking him out and putting him in his crib. He stirs some but goes back to sleep. Success! It's time to make lunch. A requests a PB&J and I make myself a huge salami sandwich. We eat together and play some after before J wakes.

We head to the mall to meet up with a friend and her son. She is one of the few friends I have that also has a toddler that doesn't nap! Usually after lunch it's quiet time or TV time. I'm grateful to get out of the house instead to do something fun. The kids run around the play area, J observes from his car seat until he starts fussing to get out. My friend and I chat, then we walk around some, check out a toy store, and the book store until it's time to go home and nurse J.

Back home! We all play on the floor for awhile. A is crazy about her clip clop castle and playing store with the cash register we got her for her birthday. She asks for a snack so I give her some grapes and a cheese stick. J is hanging out in his jumperoo until he falls asleep and I take him out to nap in his room.

It's time to start dinner. I'm happy J is still napping, usually I'm trying to soothe him as I run around the kitchen. A doesn't want to watch a show, she wants to listen to music instead, so I put on the toddler station on Pandora. Dinner tonight is Cheater Korean Beef, a favorite in our house. It's quick and easy, just what I need, because any second now J is about to wake from his nap. Daddy won't be home till later, after the kiddos are in bed, starving. I speed through dinner prep just as J starts to stir on the monitor. By the time we're ready to sit down and eat he's wailing so I have to go get him.

I put together A's plate, help her eat, before I try to eat myself while holding J. Ugh. Life of a Mom. Once we're done eating I clean up the kitchen some but don't get very far with two cranky kiddos. A wants her bath so we go upstairs. I hate, hate doing baths and bedtime alone. It is the hardest part of the day! I usually want to pull my hair out... J is in his rock n play at first, then I have to hold him while A plays in the tub for a few.

It's time to get out of the bath and into pajamas. A runs around naked, giggling, diving into bed. This is typical for most nights. She thinks it's hilarious, of course, as I try to pull on her pajamas and pull up. Meanwhile J is fussing in the rock n play, which he is really getting too big for. I'm not sure where to put him- he's not content in his crib or on the floor at this hour. Oh well, I'll have to make do. Once A has finally calmed down we can pick out some books to read and I can curl up on the floor with both of them.

Right now her favorite books are The Pigeon Has Feelings, Too! (she knows this book by heart and can recite it to you), Hooray for Fish, and Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear? Once we read books, it's lights out.

It's early, but when I'm alone, I have to get A into bed at this time to start getting J ready for bed. He's acting tired already so I change him and put him in his pajamas. I turn on his sound machine and nightlight. We snuggle up in the rocker, then I nurse him, trying to keep him slightly awake before putting him down for the night.

I'm freeeeeee! Both kiddos are asleep. I can enjoy some wine, clean up the kitchen, and watch part of Devious Maids before the hubby gets home. When he gets in around 9:00pm, we watch some of Game of Thrones as I try not to fall asleep.

J wakes for a feeding, goes right back down and I head to sleep.

So there you have it! It was a good day, with both kiddos fairly happy. That's all you can ask for right?

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  1. Whew girl! Your days sound a lot like mine but dang it's tiring reading it all! lol.

    I love your pictures :) AND all of A's songs are Abigail favorites too! I wonder if those pop stars have any idea of their true fan base :p


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