May 18, 2015

To Do List

It's a Monday morning I'm not ready for. The next two weeks are going to be brutal. I'll be single parenting it up because my husband will be working nights. In an effort to make these next two weeks fly by super, super quick, I'm filling my plate with lots of to-dos.

1. Find a one piece swimsuit that I actually like. We're going to Miami. And we're going to the beachhhh. And the pool! So, a swimsuit is absolutely necessary. I bought a one piece after Miss A was born that is sadly too tight at the moment...damn those last few pounds that need to go! I like this one, but today I'm going to Target to see if I like any there. My days of trying things on in store are gone, at least for now, when I have to take both kids with me. Not gonna happen. So I'll buy them, try them on at home, and probably return them all. Fun times. 

2. Find a dress for my cousin's wedding. Yeah. That still hasn't happened yet. For the same reason I mentioned above...ahem, tummy rolls. I'm not feeling very comfortable in any dress I find. I want something long and flowy that isn't over a $100. Too much to ask?

3. Finish decorating the kiddos rooms. I'm on the hunt for a full length mirror for Miss A's room. I'm setting up a dress up corner for her and I just know she'd LOVE to look at herself. Little did I know a full length mirror is hard to find for a little girls room. It needs to be simple, be able to be nailed to the wall, and cost less than $50. I don't know why this is impossible to find. For J's room I have two art prints to frame and shelves to find. If I had all the time in the world (and no budget constraints) this would have been done months ago! 

4. Order a canvas print. I knew from the moment we got our proofs from J's newborn session which photo we were going to enlarge. I'm going to be purchasing a Groupon from Easy Canvas Prints, love their quality! 

5. Buy sunscreen. It's hot here, the pool is open, and I cleaned our water table yesterday for those long afternoons we're going to have. I also need to buy everything I need to make strawberry ice cream!  

6. Plan Miss A's third birthday party! The venue and date have been booked. The theme has been picked. I'm keeping it low key this year and doubt I'll be making anything myself, but I still hope to make it festive and fun.  

7. Make a hair appointment, dentist appointment,  and dermatologist appointment. Gah. When will I find time for this? We all know which one I will schedule way before the others...priorities.  

8. Laundry. Yeah. That never ends does it?  

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  1. girl! for a cute 1 piece and a cute dress under $100 look at! I LOVEEEEEE everything they have, it's all sooo cute and they always have killer sales. You've got lots to do but it's sooo nice to line everything out so you can see exactly what you need to get done. there's no better feeling than checking something off your to do list :)
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants


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