May 13, 2015

Late Night Thoughts

It seems whenever I sit down to do, oh, anything, I'm interrupted within a few minutes, sometimes seconds. I began this post early this morning and I'm just now finishing it up, in the dark, next to J while he sleeps. Because I will blog weekly, somehow, someway, even if my posts are scattered and random and don't have many pictures. Hence this mismash of what I want to share today. :)

We went for a walk this morning. More of a power walk, as fast as I can go before one starts asking to get out of the stroller, or for a snack, or for her toddler tubes on Pandora. Luckily the other sleeps peacefully. Trying to fit in exercise is almost impossible, these power walks are the best I can do.

I need a dress for a wedding next month. It's been long time since I've been dress shopping, let alone to a wedding! I'm so excited. For the wedding. Not so much shopping because how am I going to find the time to look for a dress? I prefer shopping in person than online for dresses, so online shopping isn't really going to work for me. Where should I go?  I'm feeling pretty clueless on where to start. 

Miss A insists on wearing a dress or skirt everywhere she goes. Everywhere. Trying to convince her that a dress just isn't suitable for a park is like arguing with a two year old...she may well be a lawyer one day. Girlfriend loves to argue.

The crock pot has been in almost daily use around here. I just can't cook dinner. Like seriously, am I ever going to make dinner again that doesn't involve the oven or crock pot? I've been getting recipes out of a book, The Big Book of Slow Cooking, from the blogger of A Year of Slow Cooking. I LOVE it. It's huge and there are so many great recipes. I borrowed it from the library but I may buy myself a copy one day because I love it so much. We've enjoyed orange apricot pork chops, beef fajitas, and pineapple pork tenderloin. I have no pictures because...#lifewithtwo

I made a cleaning schedule to help me keep track of when a room was cleaned last...and I can't seem to keep up with my own cleaning schedule. An entire day will go by and I'll have cleaned only the kitchen, as that is what really drives me wild, a dirty kitchen. Every night before I can go to bed the dishwasher has to be running, the counters have to be wiped down, and anything that was left out has to be put away. I absolutely hate starting off the day with a messy kitchen. I don't know how to do it I guess, I won't?

And now I have to get some sleep before the first feeding. Good night, or, good morning!


  1. I can't stand a dirty kitchen either. Yuck. No matter how tired I am, my kitchen gets straightened. And I also need a new dress or two for a couple of events we have coming up and have NO idea when I'll get a chance to look. One day we'll have all the free time in the world to cook and shop and clean, and we'll miss these days. I just keep reminding myself of that! It helps me keep perspective when I get frustrated by how strapped down I feel right now with two small chL


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