May 6, 2015

J's Two Month Update & Favorites

J had his two month appointment this week, with his first set of shots. I have to say I was nervous about how it would go and how Miss A would react (I don't want her to start fearing the doctor yet), so before the appointment we went out to get some Tylenol and I searched for her headphones so she could listen to music on my phone. She was happy and distracted the whole time, J's cries didn't faze her at all. 

J is doing great! I make small babies, so he is still a peanut at 9.7 pounds and 20 inches long. Considering where he was at birth, it's pretty amazing how much weight he has gained! I'm pleased and so is his doctor. Height is apparently the last to catch up. Who knew.

He is still wearing newborn clothes, which is fine by me, as we have plenty. I'm sure he's going to have the same problem as his sister- shirts will be snug, pants will be too big/long. He's smiling more and more at me, I love it so much that I spend a good chunk of the day in his face trying to get more. I love any noise he makes, except for our witching hour, where we have to hold him upright so he can look around. Otherwise, major screams. He nurses beautifully and sleep is going well (at the moment, knock on wood)- I really can't complain! 

It's funny how it's only been two months but it feels like he's been with us forever. I can not imagine life without him, he completes us, he is a constant source of joy and happiness. I had a few days of the "baby blues" after he was born, but once I got over that, I have been very happy. I don't know if it's because I've been through this before and already know what to expect- none of those new parent worries- or if because he is SUCH a different baby than Miss A. Nowhere near as high maintenance. :) Is that just how girls are? Everyone who meets him says he's going to have a sweet personality and I could not agree more. I can't wait to see him interact with his big sister, who is already eager to show him her toys and chats with him when he's laying down on a blanket. She is a sweetheart.

As for favorites, I have a few new ones! Our aden and anais burp cloths, they are so soft, and absorbent. I also went out and got one of their easy swaddlers; how is everything of theirs so soft! I LOVE this swaddler; it keeps J's arms in and the print is adorable. I also bought him a rattle, which has a handle that he will eventually grab and hold. For now he likes it when we shake it and follows it with his eyes.

While we have the Mamaroo, nothing calmed him down the day of his shots like Miss A's old swing, that I am now SO glad I kept in our storage closet. Once he was in there he passed out within minutes. Also, this bath sponge, that I should have mentioned in the one month favorites. It is so helpful in giving baby a bath right from the get go, seeing as it fits in the sink, it's incredibly soft, and baby can't get hurt if he slips out of your hands. He will be growing out of it soon and we'll use our whale tub, but I love it so much, and will recommend it to every mom now. 

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  1. Happy 2 months, baby J! So sweet! He really is a tiny little man, but I'm sure he won't be tiny for long, so soak it up, Mama! My little gal is still in newborn clothing, but it won't be long now. Her little toes are already at the end of the footies in the jammies - but width wise, they are still swimming on her. So I guess I make long, skinny babies, lol!:)


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