May 8, 2015

Friday Favorites

This week had lots of highs and lows. Our week started off on the low end (burned banana bread, crazy kids), gradually improved by mid week, and will close out with one day off for the hubby. Saturday will be our Mother's Day- how are you celebrating this weekend?

1. Witching hour occurs every evening in our house. Which makes cooking dinner pretty impossible if my husband isn't home. So I have come to rely on my crock pot and oven to do the job for me. I shared one of our dinners on IG this week and many of you asked for the recipe. It is SO good- I forgot to start it in the morning, oops..but it still turned out great because I cooked it on high for about 3 hours. The tortellini goes in with thirty minutes left of cooking time, which is perfect, as it won't fall apart or get soggy. You can find the recipe here, from Damn Delicious! Serve with a salad (if you have time for that) and garlic bread and you're set! 

2. We spent a lot of time outside this week with our friends. A park play date, coloring with chalk and water on the driveway, and playing at a friends backyard. I'm loving it and fully embracing how easy it is to dress all of us- shorts, summer dresses, and sandals. The purchases I made at Old Navy have all been worn and I recommend them all! 

3. With a baby in the house now, we spend the majority of our afternoons at home. Mornings are for play dates and errands. So I'm trying to find fun, easy, and cheap activities to keep Miss A busy. I saw this idea on Pinterest to make ice cube paint! How fun does that sound. If you've got any more ideas like these, please send them my way!

4. I hate to wish away this month...but I can't wait for June!! We will be visiting family back home in Florida, attending my cousins wedding, celebrating my birthday, and spending lots of time together as a family. With all the crazy long hours my husband has been working, he will finally be getting a break! 

5. After two months I've finally been able to pick up a book to read. I picked one out blindly at the library, usually I put them on hold to pick up, browsing doesn't happen very often these days. Anyway, I'm really enjoying it so far! It's a memoir written by a fifteen year old girl. Fifteen! After goggling it today, I read that her book is going to become a movie. Talk about success! 

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  1. Ice cube painting!! What a genius idea for the summer. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I friggen love tortellini. Definitely going to have to try that one!

    And we are so loving the spring weather here too. Parks and chalk and outside! Hooray!


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