April 8, 2015

To Remember

The first few weeks of having a newborn are a blur. You're tired, exhausted, sore, achy, trying to survive from one day to the next. You want to remember every moment, which is hard to do when you're sleep deprived. Throughout this last month (yes, a month since J was born!), I've jotted down little things I want to remember, on my phone, on a notepad, in my journal. Sometimes we're still hit with the reality of having two- two kids. It was all we ever dreamed of, a boy and a girl (don't even ask me about a third yet) and we are honestly loving every second.

Before you shake your head at me and laugh, let me explain- we've had our families here for a month, so yes, we're definitely not in the thick of it yet. I haven't taken them out on my own. There's been someone to tend to Miss A at night if she wakes up. I've been binge watching Parenthood upstairs in my room for feeding sessions (thanks to my inlaws). It's kind of been like a mini vacation- no cooking, cleaning...so no, I have no idea what I'm talking about, ha! Ask me next week how it is having two kids and I may answer differently. ;)

Even still, this month with all its changes and challenges, has been an eye opener for me. Newborns change so, so fast. Toddlers change so, so fast. Since Miss A has been with her grandparents way more than she has been with us, I see what has she picked up from them, new sayings, new words, new mannerisms. It's really funny. She has absolutely LOVED having them here, as have I. 

So far today, on this cloudy rainy day, we've survived the night, morning, and lunchtime craziness. J is asleep in the Mamaroo, Miss A is sitting next to me watching a movie (my no nap queen, mama needs downtime somehow), and I'm going through all my notes to put them together. Let's face it- the second child will NOT get the same attention as the first, and that makes me sad, because I do want to remember and record everything like I did with her.

These are a few of my notes...

J is a better sleeper and eater. He makes little sounds like a dinosaur whenever you move him. He was seven pounds at his one month appointment. Miss A likes to sing to him when he's crying. She asks to hold him and kiss him everyday. She's obsessed with Cinderella and princesses. She wants to wear dresses daily. J smiles a lot in his sleep. He has big, curious eyes and loves to look around when he's awake. He figured out day and night wayyyyy before his sister did. He's been to the park and sat in his car seat for an egg hunt. He sleeps great in the rock n play and likes to be swaddle out night, with his hands touching his face. He hates diaper changes and being naked! I've been peed on several times already, we do so much laundry, he's one messy boy. ;)

It's been so fun seeing these small differences already between the two of them. I know there's going to be so much more. Is he going to crawl? Miss A was a scooter, she didn't crawl at all. What will his favorite foods be, favorite toys, songs? When will he get his first tooth? So many milestones ahead of us! I hope to remember it all. 


  1. I love this post :) It makes me so excited.

    My mom is going to stay with us for about a month when Mabel comes, so I'm looking forward to the temporary vacation myself ;)

  2. Congratulations to you and your beautiful family! I love reading about your adventures as a family of four now! :-)


  3. Love this post - it gives me an idea of what I have to look forward to!:) So glad that your in-laws have been there to help out over the last couple of weeks. Such a blessing! Side note from a mama with a little boy: during diaper changes, lay a wipe over him to protect yourself and your furniture/floor from the pee stream and toss it when your done. Easy peasy:)


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